Seafood like I never have and probably never will have again

Saturday, December 08, 2012Me! In words

Since my blog is all about our food experiences, my post has to be about one of the best food memories we had. And that was at Catch and Cook in Cochin. This was placed close to the Chinese fishing nets and consisted of a series of fish outlets. You choose whatever you want from a mind boggling range of fish and each of these outlets had a kitchen with a seating area not so far away. A guy takes it to the kitchen for you and you tell the cooks there how you would like your fish cooked and voila it is done for you. Fresh was an understatement because the crabs were still walking around in their boxes... so you can imagine

The day we went there we had prawns, crabs, squid and karimeen. And seriously ODed (if that is possible on the seafood). I am so glad we got to experience this once and can't wait to try it out again.  

Here is a detailed post I did on this experience earlier. 

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