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Weekend, us and a bottle of Black Dog

Monday, December 24, 2012Me! In words

I was recently sent over  a bottle of Black Dog 12 year scotch whiskey. Must say, couldn't have come at a better time, with the festive season in full swing. But besides tasting the whiskey the way it has to be, I was keen on experimenting with it a bit. We decide to mix and match a range of cocktails we found online to create our own. 

But before we got down to that, a shot of whiskey on the rocks just had to be had. Personally I found the small peg I had taken quite strong on the first sip, but without doubt the three of us trying it liked it a lot. The aromas are strong and it wills you to take your time to savour each sip. 

The classic way: on the rocks

While we were doing that, the better half got down to some concocting of cocktails. This one we all loved - 15ml of vodka, 15 ml of the Black Dog whiskey (we topped it a bit later to make a full 30ml), a squeeze of lime, some crushed mint and a bit of sprite. Granted it lost all of that gorgeous woody color, but this drink had that light fizz and lemony taste which sat well with the small punch each sip gave you from the whiskey.

Black Dog Whiskey Concoction 1

The second cocktail was truly an experiment since we lined the bottle of the glass with a few drops of wasabi, squeeze some lime onto it, added in 30 ml of the whiskey, some crushed ice and sprite. I bore the slam of the wasabi in the first sip but it was the after taste of whiskey that felt both soothing and strong at the same time. I would probably go easy on the wasabi the next time round. 

Black Dog Whiskey concoction #2

Tis' the season to be jolly and jolly we were!

Also, with this bottle in the house, I was going about my Christmas baking, and decided to splash in a peg into every batch of cake I was turning out. It definitely did up the aroma factor and gave my already soaking fruits an added punch which translated into a nice and boozy cake.

My boozy cake

Strong whiskeys like this one go great as marinades on beef and pork and I plan to try that soon, but since I have some prawns on hand, I thought of doing a quick stir fry with some soy, shallots and some whiskey splashed in for flavor.

There is a reason why brands like Black Dog enjoy a history of over 133 years. They invite you to sit back and relax. This is not one for those weekend quick breaks, but one which you should stop to savour every sip in full. Black Dog Scotch Whiskey is available in the Centenary, 12, 18 and 21 year age groups. The 12 year bottle is in the range of Rs 1800. Well worth it considering you will not be downing this bottle in one go. 

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