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Sichuan Court

Monday, January 21, 2013Me! In words

It seems to happen to us all the time. Restaurants open up close to us and we go around exploring everything else but that. Not that its a bad thing, but then come on... a restaurant close to home has skipped our attention more than a few times now. Sichuan Court is one such and its been open for seven months now. For those who know Cafe Pascucci in Jayanagar, its right on top of that. Else, its close to McD's. This should help you find the way. 

The first floor of Cafe Pascucci has been turned into this restaurant and so the entrance is a narrow little staircase right next the cafe. Walk up the stairs and past a huge door and you are in the restaurant. Pleasantly done up beige with red lanterns hanging from a mirrored ceiling, it seems to be a place that will look nice at night as well. 

The menu is pretty extensive and vegetarians have a wide choice in every section, which for an area like Jayanagar is a good thing. We wanted to go all the way on this meal since we realized at the table that its been a while since we had Chinese. A Chicken Lung Fung soup is what we order along with some chicken steamed suimai and pan fried chilli fish. 

One portion of the Chicken Lung Fung soup

Lemon Ice Tea

Pan Fried Chilli fish

Chicken suimai

We split the soup not wanting to fill up on it. A pleasant soup, not too heavy or pasty and more on the bland side, as it should be am guessing. I had to butcher it as usual with a few generous spoonfuls of vinegar sauce. The pan fried chilli fish was crisp on the outside, moist on the inside and not too spicy so as to spoil the rest of the meal. They were really nice and we would have liked some more of then. The chicken suimai very really moist, releasing quite a bit of those hot yummy juices when we popped them into the mouth. With the little sauce on the side provided, it was a nice choice. 

For our main course - Anoushka had a chicken fried noodles and we went with the golden garlic fried rice with shredded chicken in hot bean sauce. Now Anoushka's noodles were alright, nothing much to talk home about and also a slight bit dry considering she never wants any gravy on top. 

The garlic rice on the other hand was nice and I would have liked a bit more of the garlic, nevertheless it was a nice and went really went with the hot bean sauce which was just the right kind of hot and I was sure of not being reminded of it constantly later in the evening. 

And for dessert we finally decided to go ahead and try the deep fried ice cream that we have seen so many times but just not ordered. What came was a nice slightly thick coconutty coating on the outside with a drizzle of honey and some nice vanilla ice cream cocooned on the inside. On top were some crushed nuts. All in all a good end to the meal. 

Deep fried ice cream

Sliced in half

This meal was a really nice Chinese meal and I have long since given up about trying to evaluate authenticity of this cuisine in the city. I have never been to China, so I can't tell and I have only the restaurant's word to go by. This meal was around Rs 1300. What I would have preferred Sichuan Court - when you have a table-cloth, curtained kind of setting, is table napkins instead of cheap paper napkins and maybe an ironed tablecloth to finish the look more smartly. Would have loved pork on the menu too, but that is wishful thinking. The loo is outside on the restaurant and is the first thing you see when you come up, but since its well maintained, ensuring the door is always shut would be a good idea. Sichuan Court should be able to give most of the Chinese places in the vicinity a run for their money. Home delivery is a good add-on.

Address: 1st floor, High Street, Opp Vijaya College 4th Block, Jayanagar. 
Phone: 6444044
Cuisine: Chinese
Wallet factor: Rs 1000 for two 
Accepts Cards: Yes
Parking: Nothing exclusive, but bikes stand a better chance than cars

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