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Carnival de Goa

Monday, February 18, 2013Me! In words

On a recent weekend we headed to Tao Terraces at 1 MG in the hope of some good Oriental food. Entered the place to be told that they were serving only buffet. What's with every place having buffet only on the weekends. Can't it be a choice - those who want buffet its there and those who want a la carte can have that too. So we headed out and popped in at Grill and Curry Bowl next door. Settled down, looked at the menu and saw a funny mix of Kerala and Mangalorean dishes with a kappa meen curry priced at Rs 550... I don't mind spending money on good food, but come one... Rs 550 for a dish that would normally not cross the Rs 75 mark in a posh place. I understand paying a premium for high end places, but this did not come across as high end and neither was the little service we had worth the premium. I prefer value for money and so decided to walk out of here as well. There are several other seafood places in Bangalore that will fare much better at much less. 

And so, we decided to cross off one more place on our list since it was right around the corner - Carnival de Goa. The idea was to eat here, good or bad and be done with lunch. We had a little one who was getting edgy. As soon as we stepped in I liked what I saw - the yellow walls, the metal chairs and the tiled tables. The staff were in straw hats and ridiculously loud flowery shirts and there was a karaoke baila going on in the background. We choose to sit on the semi-outdoors which won't be our choice next time - prime time weekend traffic noise seeps right through and you have speak up to be heard. Inside is much better. 

One look at the menu and I had to order a beer - I mean what could go better with goan pork sausages otherwise (and I am a huge fan). We also ordered a pina colada for our friend and a  something for Sudhakar that I can't remember. 

The drinks

Now if I had my way, I would have much more than my tummy could have handled that day. So I decided to really pick and choose my way. The beef enrolado - this was beef that was rolled with a goan pork sausage filling - two of my favorite meats. I loved what came - the beef rolls were additionally cooked in a green masala that added to the spice factor. The sausages on the inside were not too tangy and the whole thing came together very well, though the beef was a tad bit chewy. Husband, daughter and friend are all not fans of the vinegary pork sausages so I got most of this dish to myself. 

Sudhakar ordered the king fish rechaedo. The fish though big in size was not all that fresh, but the red masala was quite typical and really nice. Yes the spice was there but in a nice sort of way. Wash it down with some alcohol and you have several reasons to be happy. 

Beef enrolado

King Fish Rechaedo

For main courses, Sudhakar went in for the roast beef with Goan pav. It tasted brilliant no doubt and the convenience of having it burger style cannot be disputed. But I would have preferred the two separate where I could use the pav the mop up the plate. There is a kind of a fun in that as well. 

Roast beef in pav

I had to have pork sorportel and there is no denying the spice and the "vinegaryness" (yes I concoct words too, but you did get the exact picture didn't you) of the dish. The Goan sorpotel has several versions and each home stakes its claim to authenticity. Traditionally it is supposed to have a bit of coagulated blood added to it as well, though am not sure if this particular one did. It was paired with sannas, an unbeatable combo. It takes a while for you to feel the spice of the dish but again its a good one (at least for me). Heads up though - its vinegary as it should be and not everyone will like it. Acquired for many, long since acquired for me.

Pork Sorpotel

Little one and friend shared a goan style chicken curry - a typical coconut milk preparation with sannas. Very nice and judging by the clean plates and serving dishes at the end of the meal - those two shared my opinion as well.

Goan chicken curry with sannas

Bebinca is one of those typically goan sweets and I had long ago served myself a restraining order against it. Dad was a frequent traveller to Goa and would always come back laden with bebinca. I ate enough to give my future generations too a tummy ache and so swore off it for several years. Even now if it is brought home I take like a smidgen of a bite. We did order the bebinca here and it came with the ice cream and was really nice. Fresh, the layers neat and not sagging into each other. I could have preferred a triangular cake slice-like serving instead of slices, but that doesn't change the taste in any way. We also ordered Sudhakar's eternal favorite caramel custard and wrapped up this meal.

Bebinca with ice-cream

Caramel custard

After the disappointments in both of the earlier places we stepped into Carnival de Goa and it really made our day. I thoroughly enjoyed the food and the bill came to around Rs 2000 which I think was a good deal. Every child who came to the restaurant was served a plate of french fries, which I think is really sweet. The noise factor on the outside can be painful, so if you can get seating inside, head there. The loo is clean and the staff constantly on their toes. They know to manage a full house.

Address: 1st floor, 8/6 Kensington Point, Ulsoor Road. 
Phone: 7676767620
Cuisine: Goan
Wallet factor: Rs 1000 for two 
Accepts Cards: Yes
Parking: Not really

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