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Monday, February 25, 2013Me! In words

We were kind of on a high that day - just met Madhur Jaffrey and since we were in Indiranagar, we thought of giving Habanero a shot. The last attempt we made at dining here on a weekend did not work out because we were told that there was a 45 minute wait for those who did not have reservations. Good sign I thought. This time round we made a reservation and ended up changing the time once in between, because the seminar went on a little while longer than expected. We were graciously told on the phone that we could walk in at any time, tables would be available. 

And they were when we walked in 15 minutes past our reservation time. We were seated on the 1st floor since Anoushka was more keen on that. We were placed right next to the place where orders were taken on the computer and I had my back facing it. Right next to me was a small alcove with two large black boxes there, which in the dim light I assumed to be non-functional speakers. A set of menus was placed on this. There is a reason I am going so much into detail on our placement. You will see as you read on.

Also, I have never be to America or Mexico and so have no first hand experience of how Mexican food is supposed to taste, but have read up enough to know at least what to expect. 

Virgin Mojito and Iced Tea

We were not up to drinking that day and settled for a Virgin Mojito and Iced tea. We also found the Chilli Cheese Beef fries (somehow all the foods you like in one dish eh!) and ordered that as well. Once the order was taken, the menus were whisked away and suddenly I felt a whoosh behind my back! The menus and flung onto those little boxes next to me, literally over my head. So strike 1.

Chilli Cheese Beef Fries

The drinks were ok and the fries were nice munching food too. It was all there spice, cheese, beef... in a sort of gloop. But ok nevertheless. Since little one already had her dinner before coming to the restaurant, she busied herself with the little puzzles on the paper mat while we ordered our main courses. Classic grill chicken for friend, Chicken Chimichanga for Sudhakar and a Habanero Burger for me. The classic grill chicken was everything the classic is supposed to be - chicken breast, mushroom pepper sauce, grilled veggies... but taste-wise was very very average. It tasted like something mass produced with nothing really standing to attention. And the breast was a tough and chewy.

Now as Sudhakar's chimichanga was placed on the table, out of the blue, a harried waiter came, leaned right past behind me, grabbed a handful of the menus and was off. A few seconds later he was back and once again, rather unceremoniously threw across the menus right behind me on to the black box. I was getting irritated but honestly wanted to see how long it would take them to realize that they were disturbing a guest. 

Classic Grilled Chicken

The chimichanga had a novelty factor to it. Huge burrito that was deep fried. The tomato shaded rice was much like the south indian types that I whip up at home on occasion. The burrito casing was really thick and even the rather nice sour cream did not salvage it much. Half way through it began to taste greasy and pasty. So another dish that did not work.

Chicken Chimichanga

I was asked how I would like my burger and I asked for medium rare. What came was a deconstructed version and the description in the menu said that the patty would include diced green chillies. I put the burger together and had a couple of bites. It does taste good initially. But as you come to the center of the burger, it gets completely dry and chewy.. telltale signs that the burger was not medium rare but on the wrong side of well done. I had to leave mine through half way and make do with the french fries. 

Habanero Burger

At least we thought a good dessert would help salvage this meal and so went in for a pecan pie. Now this was a nice. Not cloyingly sweet and nutty too. By far the only thing that worked for us here. Right after we placed the order for the dessert, which BTW involved having the menu yanked from behind me again, this time knocking me on the shoulders and getting a silly smile in apology. Once the order was taken, believe it or not, the menu was flung over my head onto the box. Sudhakar was with the little one downstairs at this time and my friend saw red. I was too tired and honestly did not want to create a ruckus after a nice day and bad meal so asked her to let it go. Maybe I shouldn't have, but you know there are days when you don't want a confrontation of any sort and this was one of those.

Pecan Pie

What was also funny throughout was that waiters would come plied high with plates of food and then stand right next to the computer in a huddle and discuss where the dishes were supposed to go. Maybe it was a computer error that evening, but it did look odd. This meal came to Rs 2200 and I was not at all happy about parting with my money here. The loo was clean.

Address: 948 12th main next to ICICI Bank, Indiranagar. 
Phone: 41692109
Cuisine: Tex Mex
Wallet factor: Rs 1100 for two 
Accepts Cards: Yes
Parking: Valet

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