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Sunday, March 17, 2013Me! In words

Okie so this is a first for me. An award from Pavithra R of Potpourri. Thanks for this :-) Its always nice to know your blog and work are appreciated. So thanks Pavithra 

About the award:
The name of this award comes from a German word “Liebster” which means 'Favorite'. Hence, this award is the "Favorite Blog Award".
There are certain rules for this award: (not all of which I plan to follow :P)
1.     Write random facts about yourself.
2.     Answer the 11 questions given by the person nominated you.
3.     Fabricate 11 new questions.
4.     Nominate 11 bloggers who have less than 200 followers and mention them in your post. 
5.     Tell the person who nominated you, along with the people whom you have nominated. 

Ok, here are the random facts:
Random Facts about me:
1.   Am a total Internet junkie
2.   I love animated movies
3.   Totally trip on Bollywood dance music  
4.   I love road trips and homestays
5.   Will read anything on the supernatural, medical mysteries, horror, science fiction
6.   Go through phases of wanting to eat nothing but andhra meals, shawarmas and rice rasam (all on different days of course)

And the answers to Pavithra's questions:
1.     What is that one thing you will not give up in your life?
On the eating front meat and on the personal front, my independence

2.     Which is your favorite restaurant?
Bangalore Bistro on Cunningham Road

3.     What is the one vegetable you cannot live without?

4.     What is that one recipe you hate the most?
Nothing actually - I love all sorts of recipes. More material to mix and create new ones with

5.     What is your favorite movie in the comedy genre?
I love slapstick comedy - the more of falling-banging-tripping the better. So there are many here.

6.     Which is the best city to live in the world?
Cliched but for me true - my hometown - Mangalore

7.     Share a cute or daring memory from your childhood
As a child, whenever I did something wrong and got yelled at, I would set out something called an "I am sorry tea" for my parents - this was basically making a glass of Tang, putting out some biscuits and carrying it out on a tray with the sorriest pout I could come up with. 

8.     Do you know how to dance or sing :-) ?
I know to dance... wish I had pursued it professionally

9.    What is that one thing you would want to teach the world?
There is no such thing as impossible

10.  Whose name comes to your mind when you think of optimism?

11.  Name a famous personality who is strong, determined & admirable?
Honestly wouldn't know.. have interacted with a lot of famous personalities and I think they all put up a facade for the public... so tough question to answer. 

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