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Tuesday, March 26, 2013Me! In words

I heard about this place through online chatter. Yet another restaurant opening up close to home and I get to know through the grapevine. The menu sounded pretty interesting and so one night we headed there for dinner. They have indoor and outdoor seating - with the outdoor being semi-covered with plastic blinds - good thinking for the rains, though the slits in between these blinds can leave you with a wet or cold spot depending on the season. It was still a bit nippy in the air when we visited but nice... I heard that you could spot UB City from up there and you can. From where I was sitting I needed to strain a bit looking through the million rooftops in between, but you can see it.

The ambiance indoors would be better suited to a family with kids - The lighting is dim all through though you won't be straining to see what you are eating. The chatter outside carries a lot from one table to another so the place can get a little loud. And now, to the food. The service is very attentive and the staff know their menu well which is a plus point at any new restaurant. 

The chutney that came to the table

A drink that I am now clueless about

We ordered a Ghosht Seekh Istanbuli and Kutti Mirch ke Aloo. The descriptions alone got us. In a while however our server came around and whispered that the Ghosht seekh istanbuli had turned out to be rather hard and the chef was averse to serving it. He requested we order something else. Again full marks to the chef - I have seen this happen in five stars, but not in a standalone ever. And so we settled for the much talked about Gilawati kebab.

The gilawati kebab came on a small roti and when rolled together were both - for want of a better cliche - melt in the mouth. The meat was as tender as cotton candy and tasted great except for me, the taste of cardamom was a little strong. You can really lose count of how many of these go down.

The kutti mirch ke aloo was spicy and with the mint/yogurt chutney that was served with it was nice. A good starter to pair with a beer. The potatoes were evenly cooked and not lumpy in between as it sometimes can get.

Gilawati kebab

Kutti Mirch ke aloo

For the mains we went in for rotis and gravies - A Balti Murgh Methiwali and a Matka Murgh. We went in for two chicken dishes because we were told the Nizami Kheema Khaleji was not available that day. I honestly expected one chicken dish to come in a copper balti and the other in an earthen pot. Both did not happen. They came in regular serving vessels. While the matka murgh was on the spicier side, the methiwali was a heavy dish, finished with a bit of cream and a really good accompaniment for the roti. The portions are quite good and three people with medium appetites can easily share a dish.

Matka Murgh

We ordered kulchas, naans and rotis

Balti Murgh Methiwali

And to wrap up with ordered the apple walnut phirni was seriously good. Thick, creamy, appley and walnutty. It was served cold and made a great ending to the meal.

Apple walnut phirni

Overall the meal was a good one. While the service is good, the time taken in serving each of the courses can be slightly long. I would not feel it much if we were there on a weekend, but any other time I would. I normally ask for anything that constitutes Anoushka's meal to be brought in as soon as possible, here too there was a delay, not a substantial one, but one enough to make me look at my watch twice. Could blame the house-full they were serving that day, which if considered made service good. The meal turned out to be on the expensive side, hitting the Rs 2500 mark. Did not check out the loo for a change.

Address: 74/2, 4th floor, Sanjana Plaza, Elephant Rock Road, Jayanagar East, 3rd Block,  Bangalore 
Phone: 41141737
Cuisine: Indian
Accepts Cards: Yes
Parking: Basement Parking

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