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Food Lover's Gourmet City - Blogger's table at Biere Club Chophouse

Thursday, March 21, 2013Me! In words

Food Lover's Gourmet City is currently on and will be on till the end of the month. If you are into food, then you must have heard of it. If not, its time you check it out. When I first saw the menus of the 31 restaurants showcased, that of Biere Club Chophouse stood out for me... it had lobster on the menu for a steal... literally! So a blogger's table at Biere Club is naturally accepted even if it means a little rescheduling, requesting the neighbor to babysit a while and wrapping up the work day a little sooner.

For a change getting to the location was not difficult - turns out South Bangalore to Lavelle road on a weekend evening at peak hours need not be nightmarish. As soon as we settled at our table, we began to look through the menu whipped up for the event. It was mutually decided that each one of us would order a different dish so that we get to experience the best of the menu... sharing was a given! (or so we assured our dining partners). Here is a look at what we had. 

Though each of us had a starter to ourselves, we were also given a small (in the words of the staff) portion of the soup of the day - this was tomato and chicken. I have never been a fan of tomato soup, but here was a soup that somehow magically retained that tartness of tomatoes without some inane ingredients trying to break that and sweeten it up. The soup is light and not a thick puree. I love tart and this is tart... if you don't like it you may want to think twice.

Its the Biere Club and we are all beer drinkers at the table - I decided to go with something stronger - the Abbey Ale right in the front, we also had a light wheat beer. My beer was seriously on the stronger side, with an after taste of anise... more on the bitter side.. could take some getting used to. But the lite beers were really nice.

And on to the starters - this is a grilled peppered pear, with rocket and blue cheese. The balsamic gave it the kick it needed and the walnuts did their crunchy part - the blue cheese and peppered pear were quite a combination. Now who knew that would be a combination you would remember... but it is!

This one was by far the favorite on the table - bubbling baked camembert over a pretty bed of cherry tomatoes and mixed leaves. The chewy-moistness of the cheese once you get through the slightly baked crust, the moisture and little sourness from the tomatoes when they pop in your mouth, with the leaves providing a good buffer. It was great.  

And then we had the chicken and cherry tomato skewers in a honey mustard glaze. Nice, without superseding any of the above though. What I liked was the lone green olive that was also roasted on the skewer. A pleasant dish. 

Two views of the prawn cocktail. You would assume the pink sauce to be mild, bordering on a colored mayo if you may... but this creamy sauce packed a punch. Am not sure what gave it the heat, but it was the perfect buffer to the prawn and the boiled egg. Now this is a cocktail that can really turn your beer covered taste buds on. 

Moving on to main courses - I had the 6oz beef tenderloin, medium rare with a onion marmalade over roasted tomatoes. The fried egg and fries completed this hearty meal. Chophouse definitely knows to treat its meats with respect. This was a great main course. 

The was a crumb fried chicken breast filled with blue cheese butter that oozed just as promised. This was on a bed of mash.The crumbing was just right, not caked on overpowering the chicken, but enough to give you crunch that yields to soft. 

Half lobster thermidor, grilled tomatoes and salad - yes they do serve the real deal lobster on this menu and I honestly tried my best to distract Monika from her main course, failed miserably and had to satisfy myself with a tasting... it was brilliant and I am definitely going back for more. No getting hands messy here, its already done and kept beautifully ready for you. 

Ratatouille - I will take the word of the people who had this and say that it was great. Vegetarians have a good choice on the menu. 

Warm chocolate stodge cake - this was served with ice cream and you can't exactly go wrong with the combination. Dessert lovers take heart - the portions are not minuscule and you have to leave space for desserts - tummy on rent is still a far away dream. 

The prettiest of the lot - the Knickerbocker Glory. A mix of all things that made you happy as a child and pretty much nails it now even though you are an adult. Strawberry ice cream, marshmallows, fresh fruits... you get the drift... 

I love banana desserts and without hesitation I asked for the British Bananoffee pie. It was great. Heavy duty with the toffee and cream but the best way to end a meal. 

And finally the sticky date, coffee and toffee pudding with ice cream. Not a coffee fan and this does not slap you with a glove of caffeine. Coffee lovers may want a stronger shot of it, but I liked it as is

So this is pretty much what you will get if you visit the Biere Club Chophouse as part of the Food Lover's Gourmet City  I am dying to try out as many of the 31 restaurants on offer. Fingers crossed I get to do it all.

Address: 20/2 Vittal Mallya Road, Bangalore 
Phone: 42124383
Cuisine: Beers, grills, steaks, American, Continental
Accepts Cards: Yes
Parking: Valet

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