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Tuesday, March 12, 2013Me! In words

The Marriott opened its doors recently to the folks of Bangalore and we were invited to sample the Sunday brunch at the M Cafe. Traffic was rather kind to us that day considering we were going from Jayanagar to Whitefield. As soon as you step into the lobby of the Marriott, the sounds of very happy children hit you. As part of the brunch you have a play area, complete with a trampoline style jumping area, body painting, balloon-making and the works. A few seconds to take that in and that was the last I saw of my little one. She did make an appearance for a few customary bites and a toilet run, but that was it... she had a blast. And when the kids are having a blast and out of your hair, you can really relax and have a Sunday.

The brunch has a your typical offerings of non-alcoholic, alcoholic and bubbly versions. We chose to go with the bubbly and a Jacob's Creek was uncorked for us. For the remainder of the time that we were there, which was pretty close to shut down for the restaurant, I barely remember my glass being half empty even... The buffet is a fairly large one, but not to the extent of being overwhelming in terms of choice. What I personally liked about the brunch, and its not really something that buffets tend to offer, is that it allows you to customize your meal to a large extent. No having to stick to only what is in the serving bowl. Allow me to take you on a tour with the pictures. 

Jacob's Creek 

The savoury puff pastry with a dip to get your started

You can start off with some cheeses (there was an Italian spread on the day we visited) and some smoked meats, salmon and cold salads that are in the fridge right next to this part of the spread. 

A closer look at some of the cheese

The pickling jars that adorn the shelves above the platters are a sight

To the left are a range of South Indian styled gravies and dry dishes, a range of pickles and you can get your appams hot of the kadai. To the right is a select spread of North Indian gravies that will go with your parathas. This section blends into a few European styled stir fries as well. 

When you are here do make it a point to look a the shelf above - little ones will be happy with the extensive trays of crisps. I know I was...

A closer look into the vessels

Turn the corner and see a live sushi counter going - Tuna, salmon, prawn and yellowtail
were being made that day

A step forward and you can put together your own panini sandwich and in the background you have all the makings of a wood fire pizza...

The buffets spills on outside and you first see the bartender working his magic

Grills are on and you have everything from seafood to meats and veggies...

Pork belly waiting to get on to the grill

All prepped and waiting for its time on the grill

Here on you have a pasta and risotto counter, a ravioli counter, and further on the oriental soups and stir fries section. With this little walk-around, we got back to our tables to do what we do best - eat. We had good company with Monika Manchanda and her husband Naren - what more could you ask for on a Sunday.

Beef skewers

Prawn Skewers

Sushi - L to R - Yellowtail, Prawn, tuna and Salmon

A customized tuna and prawn uramaki with fish roe on top


Pepperoni and cheese wood fire pizza for the kids

Tandoori Prawns

My salad and cold cuts plate

Pork Belly


My mushroom risotto

The dessert table is strategically placed at the beginning of the buffet. You can't help but circle it a few times and then plan your meal accordingly. You will want to save space for all that. 

Matthew Cooper, the GM of the Marriott sat with us a while to talk all things food. These chocolate cookies are his mother's recipe and if you have tasted these like we have, you will know why we would do anything to get that recipe. 

One more look at those addictive cookies

Matthew spent quite a while with us and along the way we understood the thinking behind the buffet spread. The idea is to allow any who walks through the door to feel comfortable with what is on offer - an expat can always experiment with something new and turn to what he is familiar when he wants to and the same goes for visitors from the city. A lot of work has gone into the sourcing of recipes and trouble has been taken to inculcate local popular flavors. In many cases, secret recipes have been wrestled out of mums and they all find their way to the spread. 

In terms of taste, I liked the fact that I could dictate what I wanted in my risotto and my pizza. I could put together a salad with more of the ingredients that I liked in it. So by and large you are responsible for the taste you create. That being said, the quality of the spread and the ingredients is great and every dish is true to the cuisine it comes from even if it is put together with stuff that you choose - that is difficult to do. Highlights for me were the grilled pork belly, the wood fire pizza, the risotto and of course those chocolate cookies. You can choose to go multiple ways with this spread - stick to one cuisine, try one with every course or just go all-out multi-cuisine. Everything works

The dessert table is pretty and you can be sure that the kids are going to head for the jelly beans and gummy bears more than any of the other goodies. Be sure to take a walk around the spread before you actually start to eat. You are sure to find a lot of favorites there. 

Price points
Rs 1500 plus taxes for non alcoholic.
Rs 750 plus taxes for children upto 12 years
Rs 2000 plus taxes for alcoholic
Rs 2500 plus taxes for bubbly

Address: Bengaluru Marriott Hotel, 75, 8th Road, EPIP Road, Whitefield. 
Phone: 67320000
Cuisine: Buffet/Brunch
Accepts Cards: Yes
Parking: Valet Parking

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