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My Tea House

Thursday, March 14, 2013Me! In words

This is one of the places I really regret going to on a really full stomach. I am a die-hard tea fan and Infinitea has always been a favorite, though its been a while since I have been there. To find a lovely little place called My Tea House tucked away in Banashankari amidst so many retail stores is a find. The interiors are more cafe like and absolutely nothing fancy. You will find the teas on display just as you enter and various tea sets from across the world - gives you quite an insight into the way this beverage is consumed world over. 

The interiors

Various tea sets

The teas on display

Between us we had three kinds of tea - the white tea, certain types of which are said to be expensive because they can be harvested only in particular parts of the world and in short windows of time. It can apparently be picked only for a short while each year. It comes in a beautiful heavy duty silver samovar (right usage?), a transparent tea cup and a pretty little filter. It is an effort to lift and pour, so best leave it to the strongest hands at the table or to the staff. In the first pouring, the tea does not give out taste as such, it is when you reach the second cup that you actually begin to feel a nice light tea flavor that is quite different from your green and black teas in a way I cannot explain.

The pouring of the white tea

In our home we have the eternal coffee v/s tea debate - Sudhakar is the coffee person and I am for tea. Without trying to impose a choice, we waited with baited breath for Anoushka to decide which way she wanted to go. I am happy to announce that it is score for team tea. She has turned to green tea, though is allowed it only on occasion. After all at her age we were never excused from our milk (at least I wasn't). She wanted a green tea with jasmine and that is what we got here. The brew did look strong in the jug when it came, but the flavors were pleasant as was the aroma of jasmine. 

Jasmine green tea for the little one 

Sudhakar decided to explore a little bit and opted for the African Rooibus tea. The tea grains are smaller and the tea a deep red in color. Honey is provided as a sweetener if you so prefer. The tea is strong, especially as you let it brew in the jug. I had it both with and without the honey and I personally would prefer the unsweetened version. The place has quite a range of stuff to eat like soups, salads, sandwiches, burgers, parathas etc. The also have quite a few tea cakes and we had the strawberry and chocolate, though missed taking a picture of the chocolate. Considering that the place is not too much on the decor and set up part, the cakes may look like they are not fresh to you as they did to me, but when you taste them, you know they popped out of the oven the same day.

The African Rooibus tea

The strawberry tea cake

Service is pleasant. The good thing about the teas here is that you get a small version and a large one. We ordered small of each of our teas and it was good for 2.5 cups of tea each. That's very generous for a small portion. If you are a group of four and above and would like to have a typical Chinese tea ceremony, that can be done for you as well. On occasion the place also conducts workshops on tea tasting and brewing. You can also pick up some teas for yourself here from the collection. Our session here came within the Rs 500 for everything. A place I am definitely going back to. 

PS: After a long time, these photos have been taken on a phone and not the DSLR

Address: #293, 100ft Ring Road, 4th Phase, 7th Block, BSK III Stage, Bangalore 
Phone: 65975430
Cuisine: Range of teas / multi-cuisine
Accepts Cards: Yes
Parking: Limited parking outside the restaurant

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