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The Tao Terraces

Tuesday, March 05, 2013Me! In words

A few weeks earlier we stepped into Tao Terraces for lunch on a weekend and were hoping for an a la carte meal. The minute they told us it was the Sunday buffet on, we turned tail and headed straight to Carnival de Goa. We came back another night, this time Friday, after calling in and confirming that they were serving off the menu as well. As soon as we entered the heavily carved wooden doors, we were asked to check out the upstairs seating, which was an open air one. The stairs could definitely use some light, especially on the second landing on the way up. As soon as you open the doors to the outside, you first see an empty space and then a cordoned off area reminiscent of the decor downstairs. No doubt it is a beautiful space, well done. But considering it was raining that day and the DJ had cranked up the volume really high, we opted for the downstairs.

Here too the place is pretty with a central water body and a dark wooden setting. Though the lights are dim, its not the kind where you cannot see your menu and food. We settled on having a Shangri-la and an Antop Hill Mocktail. The first was a mix of Guava, Litchee and Passionfruit juices with Grenadine syrup and Lemonade. The second was Peach and Apricot crush with Lime and Lemonade. Both were really nice, but the glasses could use coaster below as soon our table became pretty wet. 

Antop Hill and Shangri-la

Anoushka insisted on having a soup and since she was already half way to dreamland, we ordered a simple miso soup for her and a sushi/sashimi platter for ourselves. Right away when the soup arrived, it was obvious the bowl had been rattled on the way to the table. The soup and the garnish was all around the edges and it did not make a for good presentation for a restaurant that was charging what it was for a soup. Of course little one did not mind but I cleaned her plate up before she had her soup.

The sashimi/sushi platter was average at best. The tuna, sea bass and salmon were not delicately sliced and very rough on the edges. Also, I found the temperatures of cold varying with each of the slices. The sushi was supposed to be a sweet prawn, squid, scallop and crab. I honestly could not make out any of the filling other than the crab stick (again something I don't like). The rest seemed to be some colored mash of sorts.

The sashimi/sushi platter

A view of the upstairs that was really nice

The main course we went for the Pork Nonya style egg noodles. I was not sure what Nonya style noodles was and turned to my best pal Google - I could only find Nyonya noodles which is a stir fry that has chillies, fermented bean paste, chillies in the base. Not sure if the two are same, but these noodles were on the slightly crisper side and tasted no different from the neighborhood multi-cuisine that I ordered from. Again, the sloppy bowls put me off when it came to the table. I mean, even the smallest of places take care not to have their noodles hanging out of the bowl. 

Pork Nonya style egg noodles

We paired this with a stir fried Vietnamese squid - the squid was thick and generous in size, but the sauce it was tossed in was pretty nondescript. Again the first thing that came to my mind was the neighborhood uncle I regularly order from. Him I have been going back to for 11 years now, but this, I would never order again. 

Stir fried Vietnamese Squid

The absolute star of the evening however was the Korean Bibimbap, which we ordered in chicken. The dish was well presented, with the sticky rice, sprouts, veggies, meat all neatly segregated and topped off with a bullseye. The taste was also great and made for a really filling meal. The veggies and sprouts were crunchy and nice and the sticky rice was not the gooey glop that is normally served in its name. A bowl of miso soup with mushroom and tofu is also part of this meal.

Chicken Bibimbap

Tofu, mushroom zucchini miso soup with the Bibimbap

Like Mainland China, you have Jasmine Tea making the rounds, but it doesn't come unless you spot it on someone else's table and ask for - each time you want. Little one loves Jasmine tea and she had a few rounds of it.

Jasmine tea

For dessert we ordered the wasabi icecream and walnut toffee vanilla ice cream. We really wanted the Kaffir Lime Avocado Tiramisu, but were told it was not available. The wasabi icecream was nice, the hit is present, though I preferred the one at Republic of Noodles. The walnut toffee vanilla icecream had no toffee in it, at all though I must say that the walnuts were toasted well and did not give you that bitter crunch. Worth the ordering? ... not for me. 

Walnut toffee with vanilla ice cream and wasabi icecream

When the bill came to us, it was without the drinks added on. It took the staff close to 15 minutes to rectify the mistake. This brought the bill in the Rs 4000 bracket which I was not at all happy parting with. I have spent much more on a meal but have come out with a satisfaction that is unbeatable. Not here. Did not visit the loo as little one was by now asleep and its usually her forte. The service is prompt but the kitchen is what will let down the place.

Address: 5th Floor, 1 MG Mall, Opposite Taj Vivanta, MG Road. 
Phone: 9986911444
Cuisine: Oriental
Wallet factor: Rs 2000 for two 
Accepts Cards: Yes
Parking: Mall Parking

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