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Breakfast in Bangalore:Monkey Bar

Friday, April 05, 2013Me! In words

We have gone out for a lot of lunches and dinners that have excited us. But for breakfast - the best meal of the day we have not even a handful of places that get us up and going. For several reasons - some don't carry on till late enough, in others the buffet tends to be repetitive, the options are staid, the distances not too right and more. But then Monkey Bar announced that they were starting a weekend breakfast. It worked on almost all counts - not to far from home, open between 9AM and 12PM for breakfast, serves alcohol post the 10.30 mark, and the breakfast options are what some of us have indulged in at home after a weekend of brilliant food and drink, but with the obvious Monkey Bar twist. An invitation to try out the breakfast did not go unaccepted and we were there at 9AM on a Saturday. 

I have been to Monkey Bar in the afternoon, seen it completely jam packed, so to enter into a place that is calm, peaceful, with spots of greenery around the wooden decor and with some really good music from our times is nice for a weekend morning. Jams, and marmalades (I didn't see lids anywhere and feel closing them when not in use may be a good idea) adorning the table are a sign of good things. I had been seeing a lot of Monkey Bar breakfast pix online by then and I wanted to try all that I had not seen.

On the table

On the window sill close by

What better way to start a weekend morning than with a large order of French press coffee. The blend is specially created for Monkey Bar by the Indian Bean. Perhaps one day we will be able to buy some of this blend from Monkey Bar and I can see that coffee satiated look on my husband's face more regularly. I chose to stick with freshly squeezed orange juice. No packaged stuff here, trouble has been taken to remove the seeds and not add that bitterness to the juice and I was really glad that no sugar was added to it when it was served. It came in a metallic green flask and stayed cold and yummy to the end. 

The French Press coffee with milk on the side

My true to natural orange juice

I saw Pandi and Pita on the menu - true blue Mangalorean I am and total lover of pork, could I say no to this... it just had to come to the table. I expected the pandi to the stuffed into the pita... but this toasted pita on the side version worked too. The pork had been cooked really well, soft with just enough of fat to make me happy. Kachumpuli has been used but with a light hand keeping the larger diner perspective in mind. I did like this version, and continued to lick the bowl clean long past the pita being done, but if you are looking for a strong vinegary taste, you won't get it in this one.

Pandi and pita

Sudhakar opted for the Salt and Battery - lightly battered fish fingers, hand cut chips and tartare sauce. Presentation has always been a plus here at Monkey Bar and the food in these paper cones tasted just as delicious as they looked. 

Salt and Battery

Sudhakar decided to add a little of the bhoot jholokia sauce on the table to his tartare - whattey a way kickstart your morning!

Next was a toss up between the Toast to France and the Croque Monkey - Ham and emmental croque monkey won. And it was a brilliant choice - toasted just right, stuffed just enough and served with mustard potatoes on the side and a homemade chilli... none of that canned artificially sweetened beans no siree...

Croque Monkey - Ham and emmental with mustard potatoes and homemade chilli

Time to go sweet and when I saw the Cereal Sundae, it made my Sunday (ok corny I know, plus we went there on a Saturday) - This was a homemade granola mix served with two scoops (I asked for one) of lemon yogurt gelato. Crunchy, tangy, cold, yummy...

Cereal Sundae

And then of course the dish everybody has been talking about - the red velvet waffles with cream cheese and almond praline. The one served to us that day had a bit of chocolate mixed in as well. All red velvet fans, you must not miss this one. I am a tea person and found nothing other than the chai on offer. It was a tea bag version, and not something I like. Would have liked something special for the chai lovers to balance the french press for coffee lovers - ice teas maybe, masala chai...

Red velvet waffles with cream cheese and almond praline

Tea to round it off

This Monkey Bar breakfast has us swearing off some of the expensive breakfast buffets we normally head to. I am definitely looking forward to the Bloody Breakfast - a Bloody Mary topped off with bacon wrapped sausage (there is more, I stopped reading here... bacon.. what more do you need). I also would love to try the Breakfast Burrito Pot Stickers and Lord Cubbon's Vice - the complete English Breakfast. A meal like this for two would be around Rs 1200.

Address: 14/1 Krishna Manere, Wood Street, Ashoknagar, Bangalore 
Phone: 41116878
Cuisine: Breakfast, Pub
Cards Accepted: Yes
Parking: Quite tough, two wheelers stand a better chance

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