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Food Lover's Gourmet City - Tattv

Tuesday, April 02, 2013Me! In words

Work has been so busy this past week that I hardly remember it go by. With summer vacations thrown in, shuttling little one to summer camp and swimming class, cooking, home.... phew.. I hardly know when the day starts and when it ends. After the preview I was invited to for Food Lovers Gourmet City at the Biere Club Chophouse, I was just dying to try out some of the other 31 restaurants. The week did not see any of that happening. But finally, on Easter night, with parents in tow, I made us a reservation at Tattv. We chose the place from the list because it was perfectly located for us to head to after mass, it specialized in kebabs, my dad's favorite and in general Tattv has never let us down. 

Chef Sanjay was there and after the pleasantries we got to the ordering. The choice was great with each section of vegetarian and non-vegetarian having five options of which we could choose three each. We choose to go with two vegetarian and two non-vegetarian meals to basically cover the whole menu.  

The welcome starter - an aloo tikki with yogurt, mint chutney and tomato sauce

Cranberry cooler, lemon soda, Sex something, and another cooler (note to self - about time you start writing names down)

Our three choices in the non-vegetarian starters - Lamb Seekh with fresh pomegranate (R), Masala fried Punjabi Amritsari Macchi Fry, Chicken Chilgoza Malai kebab with fresh pinenuts. The Seekh had finely minced mutton, was on the sweeter side and the crunch of the pomegranate and its little juices made this a sweeter kebab than spicy. The fish had a light and thin batter which allowed for the soft fish flakes to come right through. And the malai chicken kebab got Anoushka stamp of approval - a very hard one to get. 
A small plate for Anoushka with the paneer, aloo tikki and the Chicken Chilgoza kebab. It took a while, but we got it all down. 

The three choices in the vegetarian starters - Jaituni Paneer Tikka with kalamata black olives (R) - I found this an interesting combination. The paneer was really soft with the marinade having soaked through really well and the thin layer of sliced kalamata olives added a small punch of tanginess. Aloo Bukhara tikki with dried prune and ginger filling - again an interesting mix though I got only a small sliver to taste. The Malai broccoli florets with green cardamom and cheese were my pick of the vegetarian options. Anoushka loved them too (yeah unbelievable but my fussy daughter loves broccoli)

Dal Makhni - this has always been a favorite at every visit to Tattv. 

Royal cumin tempered bhindi singhada - bhindi with waterchestnuts. I have always had waterchestnuts in Thai desserts and never in an Indian dish, let alone it being bhindi. This was absolutely brilliant. The bhindi still retained a small crunch, but combined with the waterchestnuts they were absolutely great. 

Rajasthani Laal Maas - not as fiery hot as I would have liked it but the mutton has been slow cooked and has been steeped really well in the gravy

Punjabi Saagwadi with handmade lentil dumplings - this was nice, but there was lots on the table that stood to attention much more.

Murgh Dhaniwal stewed in spiced fresh coriander gravy. Again - am always amazed at how soft meat can get when treated right. The chicken does not disintegrate, yet it has a softness that we often don't manage to get in our home cooking

All of this was served with Laccha Paratha and Ulte Tava ke parathe - with the Ulte tava being the popular one on the table. My daughter with her love for all things plain, downed one all on its own. 

Kacche Ghosht ki biryani - a moist biryani, soft meat, flavorful rice that is not sticky and a cold raita on the side. Just can't go wrong.  

Tarkari Biryani - the vegetarian version was treated differently, just as vegetables should. Each of the veggies used still retained a crunch and had not turned to mush. A good choice. 

Two desserts were on offer as part of the menu and we asked for two portions of each to complete our respective meals -Tandoori Ananas with coconut dessert - I liked this though have never been a fan of freshly ground anise and cardamom on my desserts. It was still really nice. 

No one makes a Chocolate Gujiya with berry compote like Chef Sanjay Tyagi can and this time too it was no different. Getting molten chocolate into a deep fried casing is no mean task and this is done in the most delicious way

Despite us being there as part of the Food Lover's Gourmet City event, Chef was ever so sweet to ensure that all of us had a taste of everything on the menu, irrespective of whether we opted for vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Needless to say we were stuffed to the gills and beyond. The food was excellent and am so glad that of the only restaurant we were able to visit as part of this event, it was Tattv. This came to Rs 899 + taxes per head and with the drinks we had ordered totalled to around Rs 3800. 

Address: 1st floor, 25/4, Lavelle Road, Above Barista, Bangalore 
Phone: 41552225
Cuisine: Kebabs
Cards Accepted: Yes
Parking: Valet 

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