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Restaurant Week - Blue Terrain

Monday, April 15, 2013Me! In words

We visited two restaurants as part of Restaurant Week this time. The first was Baluchi, which was outstanding and the second, Blue Terrain, who chose for several reasons - My parents were visiting so we had babysitting help, we hadn't had a date night in god alone knows how long and the menu/setting of Blue Terrain sounded great. Bookings done, reservations confirmed via phone, we arrived 15 minutes before our scheduled time of 9.00PM and were seated immediately. Bumped into some foodie friends and then sat back to enjoy the evening. 

The terrace setting is nice, with the low chairs and glass tables. I found it comfortable enough, considering I am vertically challenged, but I am guessing anyone with longer legs than mine will find it a bit hard to tuck their limbs in. Our waiter came to us with the menu and suggested we order from across all the courses right at the beginning because "it will take time" - words that really haunted us the rest of the evening. 

We ordered two drinks - Sudhakar ordered the Blue Cheese and Jalapeno Martini and I had the Wild Voodoo Kick - Vodka, Cranberry juice, Galangal, mint and lemon juice. The Blue Cheese and Jalapeno martini was superlative - Grapes, stuffed with olives and blue cheese, the martini was shaken and poured at the table and had the jalapeno in it. Brilliant enough for a second one to be ordered close on its heels. My drink was really pretty to look at and tasted great too, its potency building up as I drank. With this came the Blue Terrain Signature Garlic Baguette with three kinds of dips - Tahina, Mint and Aioli. The bread was great, crunchy and went well with the dips. The Tahina was a bit runny for me, but still tasted good, as did the other two dips. Things pretty much went south from here. 

Blue Cheese and Jalapeno Martini 

Wild Voodoo Kick

Approximately 20 minutes or so after our drinks were served and Sudhakar's second martini arrived there was no sign of our appetizer course. We had ordered the Pan Seared Foie Gras with black truffle mash and the Barbecued Quail Breast on Potato, Bacon and Leek Salad. Just when we were about to ask, the foie gras came to the table and I was told very sweetly that I would have to wait for a while longer. 10 minutes later and after Sudhakar was done with his appetizer, mine arrived. I was a little peeved by then and totally did not really that the minuscule quail breast was accompanied by mustard potatoes and not Potato, Bacon and Leek Salad. Portions were small, so the course disappeared fast enough. 

At this point, God Zeus seemed to be flexing his muscles a bit and the we were asked if we would like to shift to the all-day restaurant below to save from the possibility of rain. I did not want to go running with my drink if it suddenly decided to pour and we shifted down, along with another couple. And then the wait began. We came down around 9.25 PM and till we asked the staff at 10.10 approximately, there was no sign of course 1 or anyone around us for that matter. Our waiter arrived with one course, places it in front of Sudhakar and then says I will have to wait a while longer. This really ticked us off - after all date night is about eating together and not watching each other eat. By the end of that conversation another waiter came running across with my course. 

When it was placed before us, I realized that we were being served Course 3, the grills and had not been served Course 2. That's when our waiter realized the mistake and went on apologizing. Mistakes happen, yes, but an apology for a wrong course after 40 minutes of waiting was not going to help in any way. 10 minutes later he was back with Course 2, which we ate since we were paying for the whole deal, still apologizing. And very close on its heels came the desserts. 

The grills, that was Course 3 - came to us really cold, and we did mention it to him. Totally killed what could have actually tasted quite nice. The lobster looked substantial, but did not have anything more than a few morsels in it. The pork chops I ordered honestly looked like a knee joint to me and was too cold for me to  taste anything. 

When we got to Course 2 - it was hot at least - we had ordered the Jack Daniel's glazed beef brochettes and the peri peri prawns. We were not asked how we would like our beef and it came to us well done. The taste was really nice, but we would have preferred a medium version. The prawns too were nice though the french fries seemed like an odd combination. 

Pan Seared Foie Gras with black truffle mash

 Barbecued Quail Breast without the Potato, Bacon and Leek Salad
as on the menu but with mustard potatoes

Rock Lobster with jacket potatoes

Pork Chops with baked jacket potato

Jack Daniel's glazed beef brochettes

Peri Peri prawns

Desserts for us were the Baked Apple Cake with Caramel Parfait and the Baked New York style cheesecake with berry compote and yogurt sorbet. Both desserts really fabulous, but our spirits were completely down and out and we just wanted to go home. The waiter brought in a small box of two baked desserts as an apology gesture. Sweet, but I was still very disappointed. Date nights don't happen very often and this was was a complete let down. Portions aside, if the food had arrived on time, in the right order, as mentioned on the menu and hot, it would have made a great meal. All this is pretty standard for any classy restaurant we go to. We were also not served the palate cleanser of the citrus granita with vodka. Everyone has a bad night and am sure this waiter did too, I just wish we were not on the receiving end of it. The Rs 799 + taxes and the drinks brought this close to the Rs 3000 mark.

Baked Apple Cake with Caramel Parfait

Baked New York style cheesecake with berry compote and yogurt sorbet

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