Marathan Bloggers Prompt Post - 1 - Colors

Monday, May 27, 2013Me! In words

I guess all of us need something different to do on our blogs once in a while. I am part of this wonderful group called the Marathon Bloggers. We are currently working on ensuring that we have one post a week for the whole year and sharing it on our group page; we also do the same for photo blogs. While on it there is a natural lull that comes in from work, home and other pressures. To break the monotony we are now working on a Blog-a-prompt week. A one word prompt for the entire week to be interpreted the way we want on our blogs. The first one for the week is colors and since mine is a restaurant blog, my posts will be largely photo based with my interpretation of the theme. So here's to day one - Colors

I have always been a fan of sushi and jumped at the opportunity of a sushi workshop by Chef Shreeya Mitra of Sushi and More, India's first Japanese takeaway restaurant in Mumbai. She worked brilliantly with a range of ingredients and turned out this multi-color platter of sushi - what's more, everything you see here is vegetarian! - in this platter going left anti-clockwise - Hosomaki, Uramaki, Inari Gunkan Sushi, Oshizushi, Nigiri, Temari and Temaki

With Anoushka away with the grandparents, we decided to eat out at all the places that she wouldn't be comfortable in. VVPuram food street was one of them. There for the first time, I had the rasgulla chaat - The rasgulla chaat uses two rasgullas, which have not been dipped in sugar syrup (in case you were wondering) and is placed in a puddle of sweet curds which has a thick lassi like texture to it. To that is added chaat powder, chilli powder, boondi, shredded coriander, coriander and some pomegranate seeds plus cashews thrown in. A really yummy cold chaat

There is nothing to beat the classics - bhutta being seared on coal at VVPuram

From our recent visit to Shivajinagar - can you say no to an invitation that is so colorful 

The pork belly at Likethatonly - served on a white plate, topped off with finely chopped spring onions with a red drizzle of sauce - colors enough to set the mouth watering and with good reason

A soup that gets its color from the Hibiscus flower - from a workshop I attended on cooking with edible flowers. 

The Prune and Vanilla Creme Brulee at Fava just before we cracked through the top to the deliciousness below

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