Marathan Bloggers Prompt Post - 4 - Disaster

Thursday, May 30, 2013Me! In words

I have had my fair share of disasters when exploring restaurants. But if people were to ask me for the most disastrous of them all, it would have to be this place called Cafe Canada, which thankfully closed a short while after  first wrote the post in 2010. Below the picture you will find a short description of what it is.. and you will know what I mean

The Kashmiri naan - This naan came with a generous slathering of mixed fruit jam, slices of marsh melon, orange and stray piece of chickoo... What in the world were they thinking... And this was to be eaten with a gravy!!

If this has piqued your interest enough, here is a link to the entire post. Believe me, its a lot more funnier

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