Marathon Bloggers - Prompt Post - 2 - Thirst

Tuesday, May 28, 2013Me! In words

So today is on thirst - there are few things that I can always think of when it comes to quenching thirst - clear teas of any kind, white wines, Rose wines, anything with a sour twist... So here is a look at what has always worked at quenching my thirst and which I always remember fondly.

For a tea lover like me Infinitea is paradise. We visited after a long time and ended a particularly fabulous meal with a blooming tea. This is a dried flower that is plopped into boiling water and then time.. the flower starts all shriveled up and then as the water swirls it around it opens up into a full bloom. All the while your tea is steeping. This particular bloom was called Dong Fang Mein Ren and was Rs 175 a bloom.. 

This Bouvet-Ladubay Rose was served at the Michelin chef event that I was invited to. I fell in love with it instantly and have bought myself a bottle or two after the event. It goes brilliantly well with desserts and pretty much on its own as well. 

The Suleimani chai at Savera in Shivajinagar. Have had the Suleimani in several places, and have always loved it. Just have never been able to replicate it at home

When it comes to Chef Manu Chandra's restaurants, you can always expect innovation. This was the Mary Pops In, an smoky twist to the Bloody Mary - served in a jar. The smoke comes from Gudang Garam or clove cigarettes. You want a twist, this is one heck of thirst quencher. 

There are cocktails and there are cocktails and then there were the cocktails at the Smokehouse Blogger's table - at the back the Kiwi-cantaloupe-Jasmine + Eristoff and in front Californian Plum-Star Anise-Lilly + Eristoff. Not only did this look beautifully inviting, but they tasted heavenly. Perfect on a sultry day, though my pick would be the Kiwi drink.

A lovely lunch at Imli one afternoon with the family and of course everyone wanted something to drink. Shikanji, Lemon juice, Imli ka Panna, Kairee Pudina ka Sharbet - the names alone conjure up the image of grandma's home, summer holidays and delicious thirst quenchers.

When you are on the streets of Shivajinagar gorging on all the deliciousness you never thought possible on the road, water just doesn't cut it - an ice cold falooda milk is what you should get a-hold of, just like we did.

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