Marathon Bloggers Prompt Post 3 - Monday

Wednesday, May 29, 2013Me! In words

I hate Mondays without exception, except maybe when its a holiday. But even then I hate Mondays, because a holiday on a Monday means Tuesday follows and I hate to get back to work after three days of relaxing. Whenever I am stressed, I turn to food - I read about it, I cook, I look through pictures, I write my blog. When thinking of what to do for this third prompt on Mondays, I thought why not picture what my ideal restaurant hopping route would be for a Monday. And here is what I came up with. This is what an ideal meal on a Monday would be for me... anytime...

Start the day with the beer sampler at Arbor - might as well start the day on a high!

Breakfast at Monkey Bar - This is the ham and emmental sandwich
with mustard potatoes and homemade chilli

Am always for a mid-morning snack... if its the Fish and Chips from Red Fork, then all the better

For lunch, it would be the mutton mandi at Ta'am

Tea - my everyday comfort. Ever since I had it, I have loved the White tea at My tea house and that is what I would like at 4PM on a Monday

And for dinner - once the day was done, I would love to have the Surf n Turf Sushi that we had at the Sushi festival at Teppan some time back. 

And though this wine would go brilliantly with an Indian meal, I would like to wind up my Monday evening with a glass of Mateus, first had at Kebabs and Kurries at the ITC

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