Marathon Blogger's Prompt Post - 5 - Spicy

Friday, May 31, 2013Me! In words

I looooovee spicy stuff and so here is a recollection of some of the spiciest stuff I have had when experimenting with food for this blog and in all my restaurant hopping.

Top of the charts is but naturally the Bhoot Jholokia chutney I had at the Naga Kitchen in Kamanahalli - it set our insides on fire for the rest of the week, but it was worth every bite.

We once ordered the chilli chicken at Meghana Foods to go with our Andhra meal. There were more green chillies than chicken in it. It was insanely spicy but brilliant!

The Cajun Spiced potatoes at Bak Bak Bar were subtle, but have a couple of them and you will be asking for a lot of iced water. They packed quite a punch.

The Guntur Idly at Athithyam - The idli is dipped in ghee and then into a bowl of the guntur powder. It is the equivalent to eating a mix of red/green chillis in powder form. I managed 1.5 idlis and had my stomach talking to me in nightmares for a week. 

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