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Breakfast in Bangalore: NMH

Friday, June 28, 2013Me! In words

I love me my sushis, medium rare steaks, and a full English breakfast, but there are times when the South Indian in me stands up and screams out loud demanding to be satiated as well. It so happened that on a weekend, the screaming south Indians in both Sudhakar and me had coordinated their entry, and we were both dying to have a southie breakfast. We live in the heart of South Bangalore in Jayanagar and have tried most of the places around here. What suddenly came to mind was NMH (New Modern Hotel) in VVPuram. The place is just past Sajjan Rao circle on the road that connects to JC Road. Its on the left and the crowds there will instantly guide you. We were lucky with parking and headed up the side entrance to the family seating upstairs. 

The restaurant definitely has a few decades over me in age. It is completely old school as far as the structure goes. Little boards at convenient places tell you what is available and that a by two service is not going to happen. You won't really want it to once the food starts coming. We started with a vada each and a pineapple kesari bath. 

There is something so pleasant about these laminated tables and steel tumblers 

Anoushka loves kesari bath and calls it yellow sweet. This pineapple one was served warm, just right on the ghee - I say this because there are some places that believe having the kesari bath swim in ghee is the way to make it taste great. It does, but not without leaving you feeling too heavy for breakfast - there were little bits of pineapple, roasted vermicelli, cashew nuts, raisins and cloves. It all came together to make a really nice sweet start to breakfast.

The vada comes in a little steel plate with a bowl of chutney and a slightly bigger bowl of onion sambar. I love the onion sambar - the right consistency, not to watery, not too heavy on the dal... all steaming hot. The crispness of the vada is such that one bite into it and you may feel you are disturbing the neighboring table with the crunching sound you are making with your mouth.

Pineapple kesari bath

Vada, chutney and sambar

We each had a masala dosa next - not one of those overly thick, miniscule amounts of aloo bhaji inside - but a decent sized, crispy, perfectly brown roasted dosa, filled with a bhaji that was not lumpy and in good quantity for the dosa. Have you ever noticed how most Shanti Sagars look at you strange if you ask them for more than the teaspoonful of bhaji that they give?! Its ridiculous.

Masala Dosa with onion sambar and coconut chutney

Before we ordered our teas and coffees, we just had to have this sweet dish called chiroti. The semolina used to make this fried sweet is specifically referred to as chiroti rava. What you get are discs made of these semolina strands that are fried, coated with powdered sugar and then crushed into a plate that has warm badam milk in it. You want a slice of heaven for breakfast each morning then chiroti is just what you should order.

And then of course we finished with a tea and a coffee. Sudhakar declared that the NMH coffee was now his second favorite after ITC Gardenia. I liked my tea, not too strong and not too light.


Tea and coffee

This is one breakfast place that is going to see a lot more of us. They have all of the usual suspects for breakfast - idli, vada, chow chow bath, dosas of different kinds and sweets too. The place is clean and the service is quick. If you are a small family like ours was, then you may end up sharing tables with others, but don't let that put you off in any way. All of this came within the Rs 220 mark. The toilet is relatively decent.

Address: New Modern Hotel, AN Krishna Rao Road, Near Minerva Circle, VVPuram, Bangalore
Phone: 26612625
Cuisine: South Indian
Wallet factor: Rs 200 per person
Parking: Nothing exclusive

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