Marathon Bloggers Prompt Post - 6 - NO

Saturday, June 01, 2013Me! In words

For today's prompt of NO, I initially thought of doing places that are a big NO... but then thought, why go negative. Instead here is a post on things I just can't say NO too :-) Come any day of the week, day or night, breakfast, lunch or dinner - if someone were to say any of the below, I would never say NO to them. 

Sushi - I love sushi and my favorite places in Bangalore are Edo (I could consider selling part of my belongings once a year to get here), Teppan, Harima in that order. The pix BTW is from Shiro, not really my pick for sushi

Andhra meals - When I was expecting Anoushka and working full time, my colleagues were sooo fed up of me and my one answer for lunch. In fact at one point Sudhakar even felt that Nagarjuna would start charging us for an extra meal, with the way I was packing it away. My favorite places - Nagarjuna, Meghana, Annabrahma.. in that order. The pix is of the meal at Vindu, which is nice. 

Bangalore Bistro - from the time we visited this place on Brigade Road so many years ago till today, now that it has moved to Cunningham Road, I will never pass up an opportunity to go here. I love their risottos, their desserts, their pastas, their sheesh taouks... ok their whole menu. A pasta from Bangalore Bistro, just because I didn't have a decent risotto pix.

I can also never say NO to biryani... it has to be mutton or beef biryani since everything else is blasphemy - Khazana for beef biryani, Richies for mutton and Tandoori nights close to my home for when the itch strikes and no place is close by. The pix is the beef biryani of Khazana

And this last one is not from Bangalore but from my home town Mangalore. Ideal's ice cream parlor. From my posts you will know that I am not a dessert person, but say Ideal's and there is no stopping me. This is my all time favorite - the Parfait - ice cream, fruits, three more slabs of ice cream plus scoop and then it is topped off with nuts...

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