Marathon Bloggers Prompt Post - Addiction - the grand finale

Sunday, June 02, 2013Me! In words

... and its the last day of the Blog a Prompt post. The last prompt for the week - Addiction. My addiction to theme styled cooking. Of course we love to experiment and eat out when we can, but what I am really addicted to is cooking. I don't really blog about it but I love experiment in the kitchen too. Over time, I find that I always get stuck with the everyday cooking, so I started working on exploring India through cooking - take a particular state, and try as many dishes as I can from there. I learn something new and there is something different on the table each day.

Besides that, we are quite the mixed family - a Mangalorean Catholic and a Cochin based GSB and now we are living in Bangalore. So we have a lot of festivals that we would like exposing Anoushka to. Besides all the festivities, I try to cook up entire spreads that are representative of the festival. Again here I prefer to try recipes from different communities and cultures that perhaps celebrate the same festival. That way I don't end up serving the same things each year. Well that's my addiction...all the pictures you see below are from these cooking experiments.

For Diwali I went with a fruit theme - L to R - Lychee Kesari Bath with chocolate sprinkles, Strawberry oats halwa and custard apple kheer with saffron 

Last year was the first time I hosted a banana leaf style Onam spread - On the menu was avial, Olan, Chenna Vanpayar Erissery, Shredded cabbage and puli inji, Vegetable sambar, pepper rasam, buttermilk and semiya payasa

For Ganesh Chaturthi I made L to R - Mani Kozhukattai, Puliogare, Suyam and fruit kheer

Eid is done every year specifically for the biryani, Can't have a better reason than that. This particular biryani was accompanied by a mirchi ka salan, kerala style beef fry with idiappam, gil-e-firdaus for dessert and rose milk to wash it all down

St Mary's feast - A very Mangalorean feast - begins with a coconut milk dessert called roce - and last year I served a typical sprouted moong and greens curry, black channa sukka, a cucumber coconut salad and vorn, a moong dal payasam

Christmas last year was a whole roast chicken stuffed with bacon, shallots, garlic, potatoes, breadcrumbs and innards. The little jar was gravy made from all the juices of the baking tray, rosemary potatoes, buttered beans, caramelized carrots, a tomato tobasco drink, and red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese (not in the picture)

Easter this year was simple with an egg salad, chicken ghee roast and a tava pulao

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