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Sheraton - Toast Around the World - The Launch of Social Hour

Thursday, June 06, 2013Me! In words

If you are wondering what to do on a Friday evening and are looking for something a little classy, The Social Hour at the Sheraton could be something that might interest you. This signature wine program was recently launched at each and every one of the Sheraton properties worldwide in what was termed "Toast around the World". Almost every hour, one Sheraton across the world raised a toast and this was passed across virtually. Bangalore raised a toast to the theme of connectivity, after all we are the IT city of the country. 

The Social Hour program is developed by premier wine experts and the brand's global food and beverage team, offering guests a specially curated menu of premium wines and weekly tasting events. Sheraton Social Hour can be experienced every Friday from 6pm – 7pm at the Lobby Lounge at Sheraton Bangalore at a price INR 850 plus taxes per person wherein they are entitled to a flight of 3 pours of 50 ml each, red or white.

On the inaugural evening that we were there, tasting tables were set up in the lobby area leading to the restaurant. There was a set of wines doing the rounds on the floor. We started with an brilliant Two Vines Columbia State 2010 Reisling. A perfect start, and combined with the several canapes being brought around, brilliant. A word here - the canapes that evening were pure bliss and perfectly thought out to suit the wines. Unfortunately I was enjoying myself and the offerings so much  did not take a single photo of them. I hope my descriptions will give you a good idea of what we had. 

One of the tasting tables that evening

The wines doing the rounds on the floor on display

There were a lot of canapes doing the rounds that evening, with an equal emphasis on vegetarian and non-vegetarian. They struck the right chord on every level - perfectly sized single bites, not to messy to eat, (except perhaps for a particular tartlet based one, the name of which eludes me), they complimented the wine perfectly. 

Particular ones that stood out were the filet of roast beef with cranberry and horseradish on baguette. The meat was tender, perfectly medium rare and one we kept going back for. The smoked salmon on brown bread with cream cheese is something that you just can't go wrong with, and it certainly did not here. I had just one helping of the crab meat on focaccia with cilantro and lime creme fraiche, but it was enough to have me remember it for a long while to come. The roast duck on corn bread with cherry reduction was excellent too considering how well the duck was cooked and presented. 

The only photo I have of one of the canapes - a filet of roast beef with cranberry and horseradish. A brilliant one, which we requested be brought around to us a few more times 

These were the wines at the tasting table - a Merlot (2007), a Syrah (2009) and Cabernet Sauvignon from Columbia Valley

A generous pour with a lovely explanation as to the origin and make of the wine

Cheers to a great evening

At the tasting tables - Shyam gave us a beautiful understanding of the three wines served. How the difference in locations of the vineyards, the weather and even the water the crops receive can influence the taste of the wine. When you get here, do take the time out to visit the tasting tables and understand the wines. You will appreciate them much more.

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