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Breakfast in Bangalore: Red Fork

Friday, July 19, 2013Me! In words

My general rule of thumb is to eat all meals in on weekdays - and on weekends, give myself and the kitchen a break. While lunches and dinners have seen their fair share of brain-wracking when it comes to settling on a place to go, nothing beats trying to narrow down places for breakfast. Honestly speaking, it is by far the only time my friend Google did not help much too. So I have taken it on myself to try and discover all the breakfast places and bring them all on the blog - so if you have any suggestions, please do bring them on. 

Red Fork for breakfast has been on the cards for a while. Xerxes has always managed to impress when we have visited and so one Sunday we drove all the way to Indiranagar and after much arguing with the little one settled to sit outdoors. For some reason, Anoushka wanted the indoors, but then gave in. 

Sudhakar and I generally aren't really awake till our first shot of coffee and green tea respectively. Since this was going to be an indulgent breakfast Sudhakar asked for the Kahlua Coffee - which came in a wine glass steaming hot. Mine was the green tea bag affair. With this on the table, we were set to start ordering.

The blackboards with all the breakfast wares are placed conveniently all around and I had ring-side views to three of them. Depending on the time you get there, you will also get the menu from Daddy's Deli which does have some classic breakfast dishes on as well. 

That's Kahlua coffee in the wine glass with milk/sugar on the side and my green tea

I started went with the first thing on the menu that day - Eggs Atlantic - I mean, its a little difficult to say no to salmon. So here it was, poached eggs on bread, hollandaise sauce and lovely slices of salmon. The salmon I felt was a little too salty or perhaps it was something else that didn't balance the salt well, but the yellow of the eggs helped even it out. It was all about indulgence that morning and so a side of hash browns and bacon also came around. The bacon was really non-greasy - so much so we asked if it were baked perchance. Turns out, it was just very well drained of all the sin... a little would have been very welcome at our table though.

Sudhakar had the Brekky Roll and this too was quite the indulgence - bacon and eggs in a roll, and a lot of both. Let's check off all the boxes shall we - taste - brilliant, portion - excellent, bacon - lots of it (that is important after all!!), filling - you bet. But then we are not the kinds who get filled that easily, especially when you have such a sumptuous set of choice before you. So we asked for a Spanish omelette as well. Fluffy, nice and served with bread.

Anoushka went with her breakfast standard - pancakes with butter on the side. They were very cutely shaped like hearts and she quite enjoyed the little jug with the molten butter. Lovely pancakes and I must confess I snuck a few bites along with the bacon. Sudhakar rounded up this breakfast with a cappuccino which he declared was really good.

Eggs Atlantic with the hash browns and bacon on the side

The Brekky Roll
Soft as a cloud pancakes with molten butter

Spanish Omelette 

Service at Red Fork is always very personal and very friendly. The staff are well-informed about the menu. Breakfast begins 9 and goes all the way to three only on Saturday and Sunday. By 12PM, the regular menu is always available, so you can plan a nice brunch as well. The meal came to Rs 1500, a bit pricey, but I would say worth it.

Address: 594, 12th Main, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar Bangalore
Phone: 41154372
Cuisine: Blackboard menu and a nice international mix
Wallet factor: Rs 1300 for 2
Parking: Nothing exclusive, and can be found across the road. 

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