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Breakfast in Bangalore: Biere Club

Monday, July 29, 2013Me! In words

Its called the Hangover Breakfast, but we certainly were not hung over when we headed there. We just wanted some good breakfast (despite it bordering on brunch time) and being a Saturday, thought the Biere Club can help us ring in a happier day. Once settled on the bar stool seating thanks to Anoushka who just wanted to turn round and round on it, we got the menus. Reading it instantly sent distress signals all through our bodies - we were starving, it was close to 12 and for a change the little one said she was hungry as well. 

So we got all of the ordering out of the way and did something that was a first for us in a seriously long time - ordered beer before 12PM. We had two biere bombs by the glass - the You have Got To Be Crazy Bomb and the Orange Drop. These are essentially mugs of wheat biere that have a shot glass of something much much stronger chucked into them. The Crazy Bomb had Tequila and Tabasco and the Orange had orange liqueur. One sip down and the weekend had now officially started for us. 

You have Got to Be Crazy Bomb and Orange Pop in the background

A better look at the shot glass within

The menu has a great mix in eggs done three different ways - omelettes, frittatas and scramblers. There is also jacket potatoes with a range of fillings to choose from and french toast options as well. There is also a section dedicated to breakfast usuals like the the full English breakfast, beans on toast and more.

The only thing I did not really appreciate at this point was the delay in getting food to our table. Over half hour from ordering and nothing materialized, while we saw several other tables get their grub soon enough. Anoushka was by then a bit cranky and that really rattles me when we are out. We asked about our meals twice and were assured it would arrive soon. When it finally did Anoushka's was the last plate to be brought. Small point to note especially when children are at the table - getting their food first placates any mom, who will then tolerate any amount of delay with her own. 

I went with the Meaty Overload Omelette which came with bacon slices on top and a nice thick omelette stuffed with ham and sausage. There was also baked beans, grilled tomatoes, a nice twist to hash browns and toasted bread. The omelette was nice and fluffy and very well stuffed, the baked beans - am still not too sure on whether they were made in-house or not, but am leaning more towards in-house. A nice accompaniment overall to the beer. 

Meaty overload omelette

Sudhakar ordered the Breakfastwich - bacon, ham and cheddar cheese on sourdough bread, with either scrambled eggs or fried one on top. It is served like the open sub you see below. Grilled tomatoes and baked beans on the side as well. Nothing can go wrong when you have ham, bacon, eggs and now biere to boot as well. 

For Anoushka we had an order of pancakes with the syrup and bacon on the side, as per her request. So keen was I to get her to start eating that I completely forgot to get my photo. But my little one saved the day. She has been running around with our point and shoot these days and the photo you see down there is taken by her. How proud am I to show of her handy work here. The pancakes I felt were a bit dry though and not as moist as they can be. 


Pancakes with syrup on the side, the bacon was enroute. Photo courtesy: Anoushka Prabhu

And at this point I went into glut mode and wanted to share something more. So a wood fired Jacket potatoes with seafood in tomato sauce it was. It came with grilled tomatoes and a crunchy vinaigrette salad on the side. The jacket potatoes with the seafood sauce though - absolute winner of the day. It was brilliant. The steaming hot soft potato topped off with a tangy, chunky seafood sauce. It makes you want to stand up and clap! It also made its way to the table in record time.

Wood fired Jacket Potatoes with seafood in tomato sauce

There is no coffee or tea here with your breakfast, now that would totally spoil the point of a Hangover Breakfast. Except for the delay in getting our food there was absolutely nothing to complain of. The bill came close to the Rs 2000 mark. For the monthly indulgence, this is just the thing 

Address: 20/2 Vittal Mallya Road, Bangalore 
Phone: 42124383
Cuisine: Beers, grills, steaks, American, Continental
Accepts Cards: Yes
Parking: Valet

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