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Friday, July 05, 2013Me! In words

Friday nights just got a little bit more interesting with Aloft in Whitefield launching their "Live at Aloft" event. This is an event that is simultaneously being introduced at 4 Aloft hotels across Asia Pacific. The idea is to ring in the weekend with some good music from upcoming bands and with a great set of drinks and snacks. On this inaugural night, Little Wings - a 4 piece band playing retro, blues, rock and pop kept the packed space at W XYZ Bar well entertained. We were there with a set of friends, some we knew well and others we got to know at the event. Thankfully music levels were not ear-piercingly loud and you could easily hold a conversation.

The evening was all about quick bites of various kind that were being taken around and which could be ordered at the table. We managed to seat ourselves, which took a bit of a while, and take everything in. It was a pretty much packed night, and we had to wait a while to get our drink orders going. I started with the Long Island which was ok. A lot of dishes came our way - like the Roti Pe Boti, the batter fried calamari, which was really nice, some pretty nice sushi too, which was moist. Chips were placed on all tables, so pretty much you never run out of things to munch on along with your drinks. The event does not have a cover charge, though there are interesting offers like buy 1 get 1 and also some offers on the food. Overall, it makes for a nice package on a Friday evening. 

At one point in the evening, it was announced that some flaring would take place at the bar. It was nice to see the flames zipping through glasses and down the length of the table. The whole idea of the place is to relax and bring in the weekend, which is what we did. If you would like a small change of scene - a pool table and a another with some board games is also arranged just outside to the bar, you could try your hand here.  

Long Island Ice Tea


Flaming at the bar

Through the glasses

Little Wings

A citrus based cocktail that I liked

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