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Across My Table - Francesco Paganelli

Monday, August 19, 2013Me! In words

Across My Table this time is Francesco Paganelli, the Export Manager for Gruppo Cevico who was recently in the city to promote "the Italian Lifestyle". Francesco was born in Santarcangelo in the heart of the Wine Region of Romagna. In Santarcangelo, lies the historic and legendary  origin of the Sangiovese  Grape,  the Romans  used to store the wine, called Sanguis Jovis (The blood of Jupiter), in the  3,000-year-old caves located here.

“Wine has always been in my DNA as my father was a wine producer. Thanks to this; I have to admit I started to enjoy wine very early on in life," he says. Francesco has spent the last 22 years travelling all over the world, particularly in Asia, promoting the Italian lifestyle. "My idea about wine is the promotion of moderate and healthy daily consumption for everyone. People, who drink wine regularly, enjoy not only a longer life but also a better quality of life. Wine is not only healthy, it is also an ambassador of Italian Culture; It is a pleasure to enjoy wine with friends and family.”

Francesco Paganelli - Export Manager - Gruppo Cevico

You are promoting the Italian lifestyle with wine being an integral part of it. How do you see that being incorporated into the Indian lifestyle
Our concept is very different from the other wineries of Italy. They come to India with the intention of solely promoting their wine, as it is, without adding anything to it, whereas Gruppo Cevico first tries to interpret the market, Indian culture, Indian food and then deliver a wine that fits here. We want to bring affordable wines to the younger crowd as well as the older crowd.

Just like how wine is an integral part of the Italian culture, have you seen wine progress in such a manner with any other culture internationally
Yes, Japan. Consumption was limited earlier, but now has become a part of their lifestyle - they have a glass or two with their meals. Italian food is internationally accepted and everyone has it once or twice a week and it goes very well with wine.

What has been the Indian market like considering that open advertising of alcohol and wine is prohibited? Has word of mouth done the job?
This is not a problem as I see it, but heavy taxation and bureaucracy is a bigger problem.

Wine has always had an elitist image attached to it. Perhaps it’s the pricing… is it really for a niche crowd? 
We are a wine for everybody - simple, fruity, not a complex wine and reasonably priced. 

For someone dabbling in wines for the first time, what would be the three labels you recommend?
  • Chardonnay Rubicone ( Golden Sparrow)
  • Trebbiano Chardonnay (Egot)
  • Merlot Sangiovese (Egot)

How does the market need to evolve in order for wines to make better headway in the country – governmental or even individual levels. 
Wine is extremely healthy whereas the Government looks at it as hard liquor. This is a mindset that will need to change.

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