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Breakfast in Bangalore - Cafe Terra

Friday, September 13, 2013Me! In words

Despite being a restaurant blogger, an eternal issue I have is settling on a restaurant to visit. While lunch and dinner decisions finally do get made, it's the ones for breakfast that often have us scratching our heads way past brunch time. To make life easier I began work on this breakfast places compilation and in this post - Cafe Terra it is. A small place in Koramangala on the first floor of a building you can easily blink and miss, Cafe Terra is generally packed at breakfast time on a weekend, so it was good that the cousins got there earlier and saved us seats. 

Now there were 4 of us adults and 3 kids and so our order seemed to be a never-ending one. Everything on the printed breakfast menu and on the specials board seemed to call out and so we made a valiant attempt to try out all of it. Picto-review is the best way to go me is thinking...

Hot chocolate - its been a while since I have had one of these myself and had forgotten for a while there how soothing it can be. This was ordered by one of the kids and I shamelessly took a few large sips. 

Spinach, corn and cheese grilled sandwich - when you have kids at the table, sandwiches like these, with chips on the side will definitely work. The sandwiches were not soggy, but grilled to a crisp

Chicken sausages with caramelized onions - this got ordered 3 times I think - each time with us saying that it was for the kids and them eating them all ourselves. More than the sausages, it was those caramelized onions that made all the difference

Grilled cheese sandwich - for the eternal fusspot that is my daughter. This and the sausages were her breakfast.

Masala chai and a Coffee below

Berry yogurt shake - This one was for me and I literally drank the whole glass in one shot. A great breakfast drink it was!

The English Breakfast - The first of the grown-up breakfasts - toast, scrambled egg, bacon, roasted tomatoes and potato wedges, a hash brown and baked beans. All with a simple homely touch to it. 

Ham Basket with toast - this was my order and boy was I glad I ordered it. A nice little basket is made of the ham and it is stuffed with a peppered mushroom mix which was steaming hot and lovely. It was also baked with a bullseye cracked on top of it. Roasted tomato, toast and potato wedges completed this.

Spanish Omelet - Some of us still had a bit of space left and since this was essentially brunch, we ordered a Spanish omelet. Nice, without being anything exceptional. I also heard a lot about the chicken momos here and though was bursting at the seams from the ham basket, asked for it. the momos were nice, moist, steaming hot on the inside and made for a perfect savory end for me. Just the way I like it.

Chicken Momos

Despite the place being packed, the service was pretty prompt and our orders not mixed up, as often happens with crowded places. They do have a loo that I did not visit. The prices are very reasonable and I would peg it at not more than Rs 500-Rs 600 for two if you really party with their menu.

Address: V3 Trinity, 1020, 1st floor, 80ft road, 1st block Koramangala, Bangalore
Phone: 41313553
Cuisine: Breakfast, quick lunches
Cards Accepted: Unsure
Wallet factor: Rs 600 for two on average
Parking: Nothing exclusive and weekends can be difficult

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