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Plan B Loaded

Friday, September 27, 2013Me! In words

Off late Sudhakar and I have been having a lot of date lunches together - something that is generally not possible. It all started when Anoushka's ballet school announced that they would be doing "The Little Mermaid" and that closer to the show, Sundays, would be dedicated to rehearsals. So while our little one was pirouetting in her leotard and ballet pumps, Mama and Bappa went out for some nice lunches. Two of those lunches we did at Plan B Loaded at Shantinagar. The first time we had a blast on our own and the second time round, we went on over with a bunch of friends and had even more fun. Both times we had the place pretty much to ourselves and the music transported us (Sudhakar and I) to Manipal and our hangouts there. The drinks and food never let us down. 

The first time round Sudhakar had a drink called Nuclear Waste and I honestly am not sure what I had - am guessing its a Rude Cosmo, though am not very sure. Both drinks had a good share of alcohol in them which held right to the last sip and did not get watered down. Nice!!

It was a Sunday and I was in party mode and since I don't drive, I went in for another drink - this time a wine based one with a very strong hit of ginger. I was a bit skeptical at first, but then what's the fun if there is no experimenting. I did not regret my decision. It was a fabulous drink. In the course of conversation with the bar tender, it came out that Sudhakar likes coffee and so he was offered a small shot of the Smirnoff Espresso. He loved it so much that he ordered another neat one and ordered it again when we visited the second time round

The second time we came here one of us ordered a guava based drink - again the name eludes me and it did have alcohol in it. Not much of a guava fan myself and so this one did not appeal to me. But to the lovely lady who ordered it and the others who sneaked sips across the table, it seemed to be a good hit.

Also, this second time round, we had two Long Island Ice Teas and Sudhakar had his Smirnoff Espresso and we had a Cosmo come to the table to. All nodded in agreement through the sips that the drinks definitely hit the spot. 

And now to some of the grub - Loaded fries is what we ordered. Handcut fries with lots of cheese and chilli flakes. Its something that you will go on munching one, not realizing when you have got to the end and are unconsciously scrapping the cheese bits stuck to the edges of the plate. So good this was, that Sudhakar made sure we ordered it the second time we came as well. 

I have been dying to try out the ABS wings here and without hesitation asked for a basket of these the first time. I couldn't wait to dig into them and though they were absolutely delicious, they were in no way a spice fest. Completely not what I envisioned and I mentioned this to the gentleman handling our table. I have tasted bhoot jolokia (since this is what the marinade is supposed to contain) and there was definitely none of it in there. Of course, he couldn't believe that I didn't find it spicy and so went ahead and got us another basket of the wings - this one looking much redder than the previous batch and though it was definitely spicier - I could eat the whole basket without taking a sip of my drink and I still stand by there was no bhoot jolokia in it. No harm done anyways.

A Pulled Pork nachos with chilli, salsa and sour cream was asked for next. I loved all of the components, except my favorite one - the pork. It was really stringy and dry but the sour cream helped make it better. 

The second time round we had supremely better luck with the food - the Fully Loaded Potato Skin with bacon and cheese are seriously to die for, if not from all the goodness that is loaded into it. They tasted like cholesterol heaven (which is a great place to be) and I could have happily gorged on a couple of more basketfuls of them.

Fiery Beef came to the table next and it was duly fiery and tender. A brilliant dish if beer is your poison. In fact a brilliant dish no matter what your drink is. The beef is shredded, tossed with sliced onions and chillis.

The gang went on a burger rampage after this - this is the lamb burger with a double patty and was every bit as juicy and delicious as it looks. The highlight of every burger was the caramelised onions that are atop the bun. If you like your burger-eating session to be a juicy, messy one, any one of these beauties will serve the purpose. 

This is the pork burger and was like the porcine heaven decided to have a procession down here on earth - a well cooked pork patty, topped off with bacon, fried egg and those heavenly caramelized onions. You will oink rather than burp after this one

The pulled pork burger is for those who prefer a sweeter touch to their burgers. This time round the pork bits were juicy and that BBQ Sauce (me thinks!) gave it this lovely touch of sweetness. 

The single patty lamb burger is for those who cannot open their mouth wide enough for the other monsters you saw above. Its juicy and satiates and you will come away a happy person. 

The service has been great the both times we have been there. And considering the early time of the day on a Sunday we got there both times, we had the place mostly to ourselves. Each time round - 2 drinks, 2 starters, 2 mains came to roughly Rs 2000 and perhaps a little more depending on what you order. The loo is clean.

Address: 13, Rhenius Street, Above GNB, Opposite Shantinagar Hockey Stadium, Bangalore
Phone: Unsure
Cuisine: Pub Grub, Burger, American
Cards Accepted: Yes
Wallet factor: Rs 2000 for two on average (including 2 drinks)
Parking: Nothing exclusive and weekends can be difficult

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