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Cocktail Sundowner at LTO

Monday, October 21, 2013Me! In words

Back in college in Manipal, a lot of experimenting happened with alcohol - not in terms of what we drank - we were students and so beer, rum & coke, vodka and orange juice was just about it and that too none of good brands of then were in our budget. The experimenting happened when we were a few drinks down and were not really sure of what we started out with and thus ended up with unique cocktails of our own. 

So where did all the reminiscing come from - well, it began when I received an invitation for a Flight of Cocktails - a Sundowner at LTO - the promise of unique new cocktails brought back some really fun memories of when we concocted some real atrocities that we would not dream of having now, but made us feel at the top of the world back then. With LTO at the helm of affairs, it was a given that we were in for a treat.

Cocktails are all about being able to bring out unique tastes with a smart mix of alcohol. Every thing that goes in, including the garnish will have something to contribute. Of course the clinching factor is the quality of alcohol that is used. As we got settled into the bar stools, a glimpse of the prep work laid out showed great promise of what was to come. 

At the quirky Likethatonly - by far the only ones I know to truly capture the meaning of quirky!

Bar stools - check!, table placings set - check!, little dragonfly chopstick holders - must check out!

A light and refreshing start - Misty Morning - Absolut Vodka shaken with rose petals and fresh lychees - a velvety-ness (yes I like making up words - am sure you get the picture) to each sip, where the sweetness of the lychee juice slowly gives way to the vodka and the rose petals adding that light floral aroma and a touch of taste too.

A Martini, well, classy in itself and a great way to start an evening - but we were served a glamorous version of the drink - Grape and goat cheese Martini - wine infused grapes and goat cheese shaken with Absolut vodka. Does it work? More than I can explain - the drink takes on a decadent tone with the swirls of goat cheese, just enough to texturize the drink. The vodka gives it the spike of sinfulness. Classy decadence in shaken and served!

LTO Tom Yum - Since the evening was about experimenting, we got to taste a combination of Absolut Vodka shaken with fresh pomegranate juice and tamarind - yes, tamarind!, I said tamarind - The drink was labeled as being a secret mix - an amazing concoction where the alcohol had all the ingredients of a classic Tom Yum infused in it - so if you are expecting sweetness all around, you are not going to get it - a hint of lemongrass, a dash of chilli, a twang of tamarind and a smack from the vodka - you will want to say - hit me! again as a you slam the glass down for another shot.

LTO House Passion - straight from the vines and into tiny beakers with fresh watermelon juice and vodka - fruity and flavorful, you will tend to treat this drink as a main course - something you just can't get enough of. I know I could not.

In the midst of all the sampling we also did some eating - the right combination of food is what will hit the spot with drinks of this caliber. On the menu were Crispy Fish Katsu Roll and Asparagus Tempura Roll. What you see here is the fish roll - compactly rolled, well seasoned and a never-ending supply of them would be most appreciated. 

Beef and jalapeno dimsum

And the Pork Belly on skewers - by far a dish that has taken the name of LTO far and wide

Next came the Basil Bliss - fresh basil and pineapple juice with sweet & sour shaken with some Bacardi Gold Rum - tangy, freshness and a great way to enjoy your poison

Coconut Prawns with Spicy Mayo

Chicken Satay

The Bathtub Special - a whole new approach to Gin and tonic - Add in slices of fresh cucumber with some Bombay Sapphire and you can hit relax-mode, kick off those shoes and take it all in

Muddy River - a perfect indulgent dessert drink (in the literal sense), especially if you are lover of coffee. Bailey's, Kahlua and with vanilla ice-cream. 

The one thing about each of these cocktails - what you see in the images in the beginning is the actual drink and then the miniaturized versions of them - every one of them was a treat for the eyes, taste buds and then the soul. Enjoying a cocktail is about exploring new tastes and combinations and these are blends you will enjoy. 

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