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Tower Kitchen

Monday, October 14, 2013Me! In words

The run-up to Anoushka's ballet show was really good for us - one of the meals we enjoyed was at the Tower Kitchen in UB City, a place that was on my list for a long time. What made the place all the more enticing was a Four Season's wine promotion that was on at the time - a 5 course menu that could be paired with 2 glasses of red or white wine. Another option was two small shots of Black Dog whiskey. The bookings were to be done by Poshvine exclusively, a service that has never let us down and we were set for the weekend

We took on an early booking of 12.30PM and decided to sit at the outdoors. It was nice and bright, a tad hot, but nevertheless a nice place to be seated. One of the first things I requested our server was that we complete the meal by 2.15PM tops as we had to pick up Anoushka by 2.30PM. I decided to go with the white wine for both glasses and Sudhakar with the red. 

The bread basket that kept us company till the amuse bouche arrived. The bread was fresh, warm and the creamy dip is something I could not decipher. 

Our respective glasses of red and white wine. Am not really sure which Four Season's wines these particularly were since the glasses were not filled in front of us - I liked the white, it was mild

The Amuse Bouche was a square of watermelon, with goat cheese and a few pearls of pomelo on it. It came together beautifully in the mouth, though the size was a little too big for my small-sized one. 

I went in for the Cognac scented lobster bisque with a grilled prawn - this one was quite hearty and the lobster did come through despite the use of cognac. I personally needed a little more seasoning but was told by the staff that it was the use of alcohol that necessitated slightly less seasoning for the flavors to stand out. They offered a replacement, but I didn't feel that was necessary.

Sudhakar had the Chicken Consomme with mixed herbs and tortellini - this was a light broth and a great order on a chilly winter night or for those bad throat days. Not to say that it wasn't good otherwise!

Pommery mustard chicken and apple salad with a quail egg came next for Sudhakar. I loved this salad even though it was on the other side of the table for me. I love mustard and somehow the tartness of the apples and the punch of the mustard along with the chicken came together well. 

We were told that the Pancetta wrapped Scottish Salmon would be available only for dinner which should have been ideally mentioned on the menu when it was publicized. Since that was not there I asked for the Cumin flavored chicken albodingas - The sauce with the chicken meatballs had a distinct red bell pepper flavor to it and was overall pleasant (I still had my eyes on the mustard chicken apple salad)

I love to try the risotto when its on offer and Beef Cheeks with Milanese Risotto sounded good. It was a substantial portion as were all the courses. The beef cheeks were succulent but the risotto somehow did not cut it for me. It is meant to be a sensational mix of parmesan and saffron, but was dense, and was heavy on the saffron. Since I was already close to really full, I stopped halfway through.

Sudhakar had the Lamb Shank Navarin with pan fried gnocchi - this was an excellent dish - light, with all the elements complimenting each other. The lamb was done nicely and perhaps a little more of the gnocchi would have been welcome, but considering the large portions we already had, we were good with what was served to us. 

There is always space for desserts - we were told that the baked ricotta cakes with berries was not available, but the Tiramisu would be a substitute. The Tiramisu came with some decadent chocolate truffles which scored better than the Tiramisu which was not bad in itself, but for Sudhakar, its the one at Caperberry that remains undefeated. I don't touch anything coffee meself. 

I had the trio of creme brulee - Bailey's Creme, Prune Creme and Classic Vanilla. All three were nice and good way to end the meal. I was really happy the truffles were there on my platter as well. 

The staff kept to the time that I requested them and exactly at 2:10PM and we were out the door at 2:15PM. The food was nice, especially considering that this was a preset menu. The portions were huge and we were really stuffed and happy. This meal was priced at ₹1299 + taxes per head and I felt it was worth it. 

Address: 24, 16th floor, Canberra Block, UB City, Bangalore
Phone: 49399999
Cuisine: European
Cards Accepted: Yes
Wallet factor: Rs 3000 for two on average (including 2 drinks)
Parking: Mall Parking

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