2013 - A look at some great food and experiences

Tuesday, December 31, 2013Me! In words

2013 began with a first for Bangalore - The Orion Mall Wine Festival - the first in-mall wine festival.

2013 was a year I was determined to get the best of street food covered on the blog and so when Anoushka was with the grandparents - we headed out to Shivajinagar, V.V Puram and Johnson Market. You can read all about these delicious experiences

An amazing riot of colors - once fried (top left, anti-clockwise - egg parathas, chicken kebabs, kalmi kebab, not sure of kebabs and kebab rolls. The little green and brown mounds are the fillings for the samosas at Shivajinagar

This was also the year I realized there was not one comprehensive collection of reviews on breakfast places in the city, a meal that we as a family love to go out to. And so I started on that as well and we have had some brilliant breakfast experiences so far. 

Wood fired jacket potatoes with seafood sauce at the Hangover breakfast at the Biere Club

Some meals that stood out for me this year were at 

Axomi - the smoked pork there is a killer!

The Sushi menu at Hae Kum Gang - The pork bulgogi roll was great

We don't really go to too many pubs, but loved Plan B Loaded - the Pork burger there was a bit of porcine heaven on a platter.

Byblos was a lovely discovery for Arabic food. I could live off the dolmas they serve here

It was a year I met a lot of interesting people and got to interview them as well beginning with Chef Jacques Le Divellec, a two Michelin-star chef, who is all of 80 years old right now. He is known as the Ambassador of the Sea

Then there was Rocky and Mayur of HOMP

And of course am still getting over spending time with Madhur Jaffrey!

There were some great experiences we were invited to as well. The ones that really stood out are:

A day out at the SDU Winery

Seafood experience at the Karavalli

There were quite a few others in terms of hits and misses, but what you see above is what really stood out this year. I look forward to 2014 and all the gastronomic delights it has for us. Wish you all a delicious 2014

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