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California Burrito

Tuesday, December 10, 2013Me! In words

Its seriously been a while since we did some junk food and one weekend, after a small show of sorts, a bunch of us headed to California Burrito. Quick and filling was we had in mind since all of us, including the kids were pretty hungry. So here's the deal with California Burrito - its self service - you can either walk up to the beginning of the service counter, and walk down their entire line of offerings, telling them what you want added to your tacos, nachos, rice bowls or burritos. At the end, you are billed for what you have added on, you take it, sit down and eat up.

The other option, which is good if you are in a big group is to take their order sheet and simply tick out the combinations you want. Have two from the gang stand at the counter and pass you each dish as it is assembled. We actually did this on a full house that weekend, and were happy that not a single one of the 14 or so orders was bungled up. Sure, it came across a little slow, as there were other customers around. But that may be easily ignored. 

This was the rice bowl for the kids - dill and celery rice, lemon chicken and nachos at the bottom. Two little ones polished this off with no help from us adults

One of the version of chicken tacos with cucumber salad and cheese. The tacos though were not crispy and crunchy, rather they felt like soggy maida chapatis. 

This was my fully loaded rice bowl - I was really hungry and wanted to dig in - it had rice, chicken, cucumber salad, hot chili (the beans variety), salad greens, salsa, japalenos, guacamole and a very generous amount of sour cream. It was tangy, spicy and just what I wanted.

There were then variations of burritos and bowls as you will continue to see below. 

This one had just sour cream, chicken and jalapenos. More like that little thing you need to fill up that small space in your tummy.

The one you can see upfront is the fully loaded burrito - my rice bowl, in a burrito form... what a spicy mouthful that was

They had sodas in Boysenberry, Mint Julep and Sparkling Apple. You will definitely want one of these when you a chowing down. 

The pinto beans and salsa are available in spicy and non-spicy versions. With my spice levels being what they are, I found the spicy version to be bland. We went here another weekday and I ordered the same full-on bowl and while I did like the bowl this time too, the tastes were not consistent with what I had the previous time. Everything seemed toned down a bit - spice, crunchiness, and even flavor of the rice. Nevertheless I will head there when in the area and hungry. The loo is clean and a meal for two is around Rs 550.

Address: 123, Below Hunan, KHB Colony, 5th Block, Koramangala
Phone: Not sure
Cuisine: Fast Food
Cards Accepted: Yes
Wallet factor: Rs 500 for two on average 
Parking: Carry all your good luck charms

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