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Introducing a new menu at Blue Ginger

Wednesday, March 05, 2014Me! In words

There are some restaurants that you never refuse an invite from for a bloggers meet and one of them is the Blue Ginger at the Taj West End. Blue Ginger is where every element works in perfect communion to create an experience that will linger on for a long time to come. From the wooden settings with stone and waterfall backgrounds to the sounds of rustling palms as you enjoy your meal, to the mellow lighting that soothes away the harshness of a summery afternoon, Blue Ginger is definitely is a treat for the senses.

And now with that being said, let me tell you what this bloggers table was all about. Blue Ginger has just introduced a new menu, which promises to delight you, just as it always has, but in so many new ways.

How can you not relax over a meal when you are looking over something like this?

As an introduction to the meal, we had a demo of a few varieties of rolls and salads by Chef Duong. While he rolled, Chef Rishi went on to explain the intricacies of each of the ingredients and dishes. To a bunch of food enthusiasts like us - mental notes were taken and filed away for future references (*appropriate locks with keys tossed away also included in this filing away system*). 

The table itself was laid out gorgeously with bowls of peanut sauce, plum sauce and one more that I can't seem to recollect. As each dish was made, we were to pick up tiny plates and saucers and have them served. A little dip into the bowl of sauce and into our mouths went these little bites of deliciousness. 

Rice paper rolls were the first to be demonstrated - 4 separate versions, one of roasted duck, fried prawn, asparagus and shitake mushroom and one with water chestnuts. Flying straight off the charts in terms of great taste was the duck and the asparagus & shitake mushroom rolls. It was a pleasure watching them in the making - from the delicate soaking of the rice paper, to the gentle layering of ingredients, just enough to make a springy roll and then a flourish when rolling it all together. A few gentle swipes from the knife and we each had a beautiful slice of roll on our plates.

Two varieties of the four rolls we were served

The salads, both vegetarian were created to be eaten with crackers. Simply fill up a cracker with the salad and bite down. Using prawn crackers is what gave it the non-vegetarian touch.

Chef Duong at work

Goi Xoai - Raw mango salad from the southern regions of Vietnam

Goi Du Du - Raw papaya salad, also from the same region - the sprinkling of ground peanuts over the top made every mouthful a delightful mix of tangy, spicy, salty and crunchy. While the crackers a nice edible spoon for the salads, you can easily make a meal of just the salads at any point. 

Next came the Nem Ran or what is also called the Chao Gio. These are fried versions of the roll. We were served two types - fried chicken spring rolls and fried spring rolls with water chestnut and bamboo shoots. There was also the Banh trang cuon Bo nuong, which was really a very hands on affair and hence the lack of photos - grilled beef that is essentially wrapped with rice paper, topped up with herbs and dipped into fish sauce before disappearing into your mouth. For us, the rolls were also made with fresh lettuce. Brilliant!

Now after all of this - there was still an entire showcase of the main menu to get through. Put simply, we were just done with appetizers!!!

We started off with the grills...

Grilled lamb chops

Grilled prawn lemon grass chilly

Grilled tofu Saigon

Grilled chicken lime leaf

There is no disputing the taste or the quality of each of these grills. Each meat was paid full respect and treated wonderfully - from the marinades to the extent of grilling. Each meat retained its moistness and was steeped in its own juices. 

Some of the main courses - 

Vietnamese red curry with Baguette bread and steamed jasmine rice - very very reminiscent of a typical Mangalorean chicken curry thanks to the use of coconut milk, dried chillies, coriander seeds among others spices. The spice levels on this one are through the roof, so be forewarned. This is one of those spicy good in a died-and-gone-to-heaven-style, not simply died. (Yeah, Yeah! Good food brings out the corny in me!)

Stir fried prawn with tamarind sauce

Stir fried noodles with celery

Asian Greens

Trio of Mushrooms

Stir fried chicken with lemon grass and chilli

Though the others were equally as good - it was the trio of mushrooms and the stir fried chicken with lemon grass and chilli that stood out for me. The Asian greens too I would gladly have on my table at any time.

Dessert time - jelly with coconut cream and fruit, with rose petal ice-cream. My advice would be to wait a while before getting dessert to the table. Take a walk around the premises and come back for your decadent end to the meal. Take your time and savor each bite. Its the jelly with coconut cream that found more favor with me - since ice-creams rarely hold my interest. Don't go on my choice though - this ice cream will definitely strike a chord with ice cream lovers.

An average meal for 2 here is approximately Rs 3000/-

Address: Taj West End, 23 Race Course Road, Bangalore
Parking: Valet
Phone: 66605660
Cuisine: Vietnamese

Cards Accepted: Yes

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