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JW Mariott - Weekday Buffet Lunch

Thursday, March 13, 2014Me! In words

It was Valentine's Day - and though we have been a couple that almost always worked on Valentine's and were never really into mushy celebrations, we did try to do a token something always, to at least spend some time together. With both of us now in freelance careers we literally work 10ft from each other and speak more to our clients on the phone than we do to each other. 

This Valentine's day Anoushka had an unexpected holiday (and right now I have no recollection why). In the midst of work, activities to keep her busy and the housework screaming unreasonably for attention, Sudhakar just walked up and told us to get ready, that he was taking us out for lunch. He had a meeting early afternoon and so he warned it would be a quick but a good one. 

And soon... there we were handing the car over for valet parking at the JW Marriott and walking over to the JW Kitchen for their weekday lunch buffet. We were immediately settled into our seats and from the looks of it, the place was pretty much packed. 

As I do with most buffets (which I rarely go to), I took a walk around first to check out all that was on offer. It helps me decide how to segment the tummy space. Let me walk your through. The first is a salad counter, where you have a section dedicated to salads already tossed up and another that allows you to put together a salad of your choice. 

Next came the soups, breads and cheese - two soups, a range of breads, and a good sampling of cheese. 

The Pan-Asian counter

Next came the pan-Asian counter, where you could ask for your noodles or rice to be tossed together with your choice of vegetables. Khowseuy was also on the menu and I found the first thing that was coming to my table. There were non-vegetarian side dishes on burners beside the live station, allowing you to put together a whole meal of any cuisine you prefer. 

Next came the pasta counter - Mac n Cheese and a non-vegetarian lasagne were already dished up. Pasta - spaghetti, tagliatelle and spiral pasta. Your choice of tomato, white or aglio olio and veggies. Here is where Anoushka found what she wanted. 

The North Indian section had the entire gamut of kormas, curries and biryani. Rotis and naans are brought to the table.

And soon after that is the south Indian counter with a typical spread, right down to perfectly tempered curd rice. There was also a section dedicated to savory bakes which I would love to go back to. And then came the dessert counters. Two sets of them.

The two tables of desserts

A look at some of what we brought to the table

Anoushka's corn and broccoli pasta aglio olio

A deliciously rich Khowseuy

My spaghetti in tomato sauce with broccoli and cheese. The tomato sauce was distinctly piquant and just the way I like it. 

Do not and I repeat, do not miss the apple crumble with anglaise sauce from among the desserts. Its seriously to kill for 

Despite being close to a full house, the service was very efficient. Each of the live counters has a person manning it to take down orders and ensure that it reaches tables. The runners are efficient and bring you what you need in a few minutes of asking. The weekday buffet is Rs 999 + taxes. Absolute VFM as far as I see it. I will definitely be there soon enough and am now waiting to check out the breakfast buffet as well. The one meal of the day I really look forward to. 

Address: JW Marriot, 24/1 Vittal Mallya Road, Ashok Nagar, Bangalore
Parking: Valet
Phone: 67189999
Cuisine: Buffet
Cards Accepted: Yes

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