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Sizzling Thai - Gourmet Express at the OKO

Tuesday, March 04, 2014Me! In words

OKO has an interesting concept of Gourmet Express, where 10 days a month is dedicated to a specific cuisine. So popular was the Thai chapter of Gourmet Express a couple of months ago, that it has been brought back. So if you missed it the first time around, you may want to head to OKO for dinner anytime from now to the 10th of March and take in what Chef Paithoon has set up for you.

I was invited for a preview of the meal and let me tell you what you have to look forward to. You have a pre-set menu, with choices for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. We had both menus, so let me tell you what stood out the most for me. 

Peach fizz, Oko - a liqueur-based drink, and a Red Lotus  

There were two soups - Poon Nam Deang - Crab meat soup with mushroom that is fabulous. Noodles, slivers of crab and mushroom - perhaps a little lemongrass or a stronger hit of galangal to make it more complete. The vegetarian soup was the Kaeng Cherd Sam Karsat or the clear soup with tofu and Chinese cabbage with a hint of garlic. 

Non-vegetarian starters are the Kung Ten (Marinated King Prawns with garlic and basil) and the Kai Nai Hin (Chicken wrapped egg with namphrik sauce. - The prawns looked gorgeous considering they were in their shells and served. The photo does absolutely no justice to it. Once you crack it open, the prawns are succulent. But do make sure to rub the prawn down the shells where all the goodness is trapped. There's a little salad below the prawns which is a tangy accompaniment. The Kai Nai Hin is interesting in terms of presentation and is provides this crunchy chicken flavored bite to the egg. 

Vegetarian starters were Thord man Khao Phad (vegetable corn cakes with a cucumber dip) and Por pia chae (deep fried crisp spring rolls with sweet chilli plum sauce). The corn cakes stood out the most of the two, for the filling and the texture. 

Som Tam - a staple as far as Thai salads go - spicy yes, if you bite on to the red chilli, but perhaps missing out a bit on its characteristic punch

And now onto a few of the main courses - The Pla Nang Manao - spicy steamed seabass was brilliant, more like a fresh fish based salad, served warm and very light on the palate. 

Kung Phad Kape - You can never tire of king prawns, or at least I can't - this one was in a thick pong curry - a yellow coconut based curry. Great prawns with a filling gravy. 

Pla Preao waan - slices of white sole in sweet and sour sauce - a familiar taste as far as sweet and sour go and a nice combination with the white sole. The addition of pineapple steals the show here.

For the vegetarians, this won my heart totally - an assortment of mushrooms fried up with cashewnuts and bellpeppers - the Hed Phad Metmamuang is spot on

Kai Phad Hed Houm - Stir fried chicken with broccoli and shitake - it had three ingredients I love - chicken, broccoli and shitake - can't possibly go wrong with this one. 

Phad Sie Yu - stir fried flat noodles with bean sprout, spring onion and peanuts - a crowd pleaser kind of dish

Khao Phad Kapro - Basil fried rice - the handfuls of basil give you a nice freshness to every bite, though a little more subtlety in taste would not have gone unappreciated

Desserts rarely catch my fancy, but the very plain looking photograph is deceptive - Khanom tako phueak - a traditional sweet made of coconut milk, rice flour, sugar and pieces of taro all wrapped up in a banana leaf cone. The tender coconut and lychee icecream, with bits of soft coconut meat actually inspired me to finish both desserts. Those who know me, know that finishing desserts on my own never really happens. 

I would term this a really nice Thai inspired fusion meal. You may not get popular Thai flavors of lemongrass, galangal and the like in every dish, but what you will get is a wonderfully put together showcase that will make for a great treat.

Gourment Express - Sizzling Thai is on till March 10th for dinner at OKO. Vegetarian is priced at ₹ 1095 plus taxes and non-vegetarian at ₹1195 plus taxes.

Address: Lalith Ashok, Kumar Krupa Road, High Grounds, Bangalore
Parking: Valet
Phone: 30527777
Cuisine: Japanese, Thai
Cards Accepted: Yes

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