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Leaping Windows

Wednesday, April 30, 2014Me! In words

Its been a spate of invites this month and boy am I relieved to get back talking about the places we have gone to in the midst of it all. We love finding new places for breakfast and recently heard a lot of good things about Leaping Windows and so one Sunday morning headed off for their all-day breakfast. A stone's throw from Indiranagar Club, Leaping Windows is a nice big house converted into a restaurant. 

The place was packed to the gills when we arrived but we managed to get a table soon enough - more of a glass bar stool with three chairs around it. This was out on the large balcony which was also the smoking area. Not quite comfortable there, we finally moved into one of the inner rooms - much more peaceful, pleasant and with spacious tables. 

The entire place is covered with art work covering a lot of genres - from digital prints to comic based art and more (not much of an art person here talking obviously). There is a nice little library downstairs that you may rent a time slot to sit and read in. The staircase is a little tricky to navigate for klutzes like me. 

The artwork in the room we sat in

Getting down to the food - the All-day breakfast has a number of pull-factors. It's one of those menus where everything sounds good, so you want to say "1 of everything to your waiter" but you know you can't. So we started small and decided to work our way up - The Basil Pesto and Sausage French Toast sounded like a great way to begin. And when it arrived, we were proven right.

At first glance you may think that your French toast is burnt and may even try to scrape it off. But then you realize that it is a thick coating of luscious looking basil pesto and all those scrapings you got off by accident, you will silently slip into your mouth. That is one seriously good pesto - thick bread, made moist in the French Toast batter and the very generous layer of sausages on top ensured that this dish was polished off in a few minutes.

The good thing about Leaping Windows is that you can enhance your meal with wilted spinach, bacon, mashed potatoes and a whole lot of other interesting add-ons. So we took wilted spinach, which comes with flecks of garlic which still have their bite. We love garlic that way, but I can understand not many others may.

Basil Pesto and Sausage French Toast

Wilted spinach add-on with flecks of garlic

I opted for the Full House Pork Breakfast. This comes with eggs of your choice. I opted for scrambled, bacon and pork sausages (oink! to the porcine gods), a choice of mashed potatoes, mushrooms or wilted spinach - I took mashed potatoes. And finally watermelon juice (am guessing this is a seasonal option), tea or coffee. All of this on a plate, with a healthy drizzle of balsamic and I was sitting with one hand raised in protective cover of my meal.

What I really appreciated about the bacon here is that it is of really good quality. The type you pay a premium for at 5 star breakfast buffets. And thankfully it was not fried to a crisp where the fat is completely gone and the bacon becomes chewy. I found a tiny piece of egg shell in my scramble - forgivable in my kitchen, but not otherwise. Even then, it did not do anything to spoil this meal in any way. The watermelon juice was as fresh as it could be and cool.

Full House pork breakfast

Anoushka, though primarily vegetarian by choice has not managed to steer clear of bacon yet. Its a favorite, as are pancakes and when the two were available as a combination, there was no thinking twice for her. I am yet to wrap my head around sweet pancake with maple syrup and salty bacon - it does taste good, but it will take me a while to get used to it.

Pancakes stuffed with bacon

We were not completely done yet and wanted just a little something from the regular menu that opens up in addition to the all-day breakfast at 12PM. So the Scrummy Rocket and Bacon salad with pine nuts, home made croutons, maple balsamic dressing and an add-on of feta cheese. Just a look at the ingredients is enough to tell you it was a great salad - well balanced in terms of ingredients and dressing. Sudhakar rounded off his breakfast with a Honey Bee Cappuccino, thanks to which he now makes only Honey Cinnamon coffee at home to drink. 

Scrummy Rocket and bacon salad with pine nuts

Honey bee cappuccino

There is so much more on this menu that I would like to try out - like the Nutella stuffed waffles, anything where I can bring in the add-on of beef tenderloin, the pear and feta salad, the bacon carbonara pasta and much more. The service here is one of those few places that is spot on despite being a full house. We never had to wait too long for anything. This meal came to about Rs 650. The loo is clean.

Address: 509, 3rd Cross, 9th Main, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar, Bangalore - 560025
Phone: 61344767
Cards Accepted: Yes
Parking: Can get difficult

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