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Saturday, April 19, 2014Me! In words

Everybody needs to get up to some Monkey Business to unwind and the new Monkey Bar at Indiranagar can give you just the space for that. It has everything that you are already familiar with - the exposed brick, the quirky frames, the diabolical After Death sauce on the table, a pool table and Foosball, the signature Maanga... and before you say "been there done that"... let me add that it has a whole lot of new things for you to try as well. Recently, I was invited to a bloggers/media table, the attendance to which took up most of the mezzanine floor. 

This formidable crowd made its way up the spiral staircase (which am guessing after a few of the drinks can be quite a interesting route to navigate) and were introduced to the concept of the new Monkey Bar by Manu Chandra. Interesting anecdotes to the new dishes and drinks (some true, some contrived, some a total flight of imagination) we were told. 

So here is a look at the new Monkey Bar... a photo review since there was a serious amount of food that we got through and drinks too no doubt. 

A look around

Ginger Rogers (Gin, Ginger Ale, Peach Syrup), Maanga (Vodka, Aam Panna, Sweet Lime), Red Riding Wood (Vodka, Fresh Plum, Passion fruit, apple juice), Wild Leaf at the back (Vodka, Lime Leaves, Passion Fruit and fresh orange) and Copper Monkey - not in picture (Whisky, Passion Fruit, mint and orange juice) were on the drinks menu that day. What stood out for me was the Ginger Rogers, with a nice punch of ginger and the adorable coconut-like ceramic bowl it was served in and the Wild Life - though subsequent orders of Wild Life did seem different both visually and taste-wise mainly because of the difference in proportion of the orange and passion fruit. Copper Monkey too seemed to be in demand.

The food started rolling in just in time to pacify rumbling stomachs. I sampled the non-vegetarian offerings predominantly beginning with the Monkey Bar Signature - Tiger Beef - A generous mouthful of several ingredients that come together to make beautiful music - chilli paste, black beans, galangal, ginger, bean sprouts, lemon bok choy and peppers all mixed together with slices of steak... 

Monkey Bar makes it a habit to surprise - how else would you explain the presence of a salad on a bar menu - the Roasted Beet and Orange salad has thin slivers of beetroot and orange and is tossed with mustard lettuce, feta cream, sesame beans, crumbled feta and very interestingly textured toasted and candied walnuts. An atonement for indulgence you may call this sinfully delightful concoction. 

The Crab Rangoon is a superb rendition of the American street food version - fried wontons stuffed to the crisp edges with crab meat and cream cheese with a sweet chilli sauce. A never-ending supply of this and a continuous stream from the bar is all I would need honestly!

There were two versions of the non-vegetarian Pirogies (Polish dumplings that are pan-seared) that found its way to the table - the chicken, celery and jalapeno and the spicy Italian pork sausage mince - for once chicken trumped pork for me - I couldn't get enough of the chicken pirogies that had everything you needed - meat, crunch from the celery, heat from the jalapeno and tangy from sour cream (I think) dip. The pork version did not match up to its name of being spicy and had most of its fat rendered into the cover which did not come together well. 

The Tempura Calamari is pleasant with its green curry glaze, wasabi mayo and fresh scallions. 

The Goan Chorizo Pao is filling and good on taste, a little less vinegary than I like my Goan chorizos - the tomatoes and onions can do that to meat. It's a method I follow when making a pulao out of the meat. But in keeping with popular tastes, this version is a good way to go. 

I love me a burger that is messy to eat and when the BBQ flavored shredded pork Sloppy Joe came to the table, I was a happy puppy, albeit quite stuffed already (there are a few more dishes that made an appearance and disappearance before photos could be taken). Nice burger folks this one is, sloppy to the T and the sweet potato crisps on the side add a nice crunch - a fries version perhaps would have been more appreciated. 

Pork Belly Sliders - the one and only time pork belly did not work for me - a mix of twice cooked crispened braised pork belly, grilled scallions and sprouts, chilli mayo and basil. The twice cooked took away the fatty taste that I love and there was a slight bitter aftertaste, possibly from the sprouts. That being said, there were a few others at the table who did like it... it always boils down to individual tastes. 

Bad Photo yes! Brilliant dish - Hell Yeah!! - the Pandi Curry Pita is a regular order whenever we have visited the Ashoknagar Monkey Bar and it was a delight again - hunks of pita drenched in a kachumpuli based curry with pita bread and fresh onion rings

Notable others on the table was the Berry Pulao, an Iranian dish with chicken kebabs and shredded chicken with fried onions and potato salli. There was also the Parsi Orderlies Mutton Curry - a mutton chop curry with a finishing of grated cheese, if you please!! served with coconut and clove rice. I was already stuffed to kingdom come and went on the basis of the oohs and aahs on the table - it was good!

There were two desserts - The Chocolate pot de creme with salted caramel of which I have no photo thanks to it being part of a spot game. Highlights of the dessert was the caramel popcorn on top and the olive oil. Very nice for chocolate lovers. The other was the Lemon Cake which is going to be my standard order from now on - a lemon syrup soaked pound cake with lemon curd - very very lemony and if you don't like very lemony, this is not for you... but it most definitely is for me. 

This brought us to the end of the showcase at Monkey Bar Indiranagar. It does do their popular 
'Breakfirst' and kids are not allowed post 6PM. A meal for two here is approximately Rs 1200 to Rs 1400 with drinks. There are loos on the ground and top floor for convenience and are clean. 

Address: #610, 12th Main, HAL 2nd Stage, Near Crossword, Indiranagar, Bangalore 
Phone: 44114455
Cuisine: Alcohol, breakfast, A mix of everything
Accepts Cards: Yes
Parking: Valet

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