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Tuesday, May 20, 2014Me! In words

Recently my mum headed off to Delhi for an award ceremony. She is a representative of Avon and has entered their haloed Silver Club, which is one stop away from the Gold Club and the topmost honors for single person sales. She spent 5 glorious days with the ladies at the Kempinski Ambience, Delhi. So while she partied up there, I had my two men - father and husband and my little munchkin to entertain. Of course, all of us love eating out and so there was a lot of that on the agenda. 

Sudhakar had some work at the Max Mueller Bhavan and we decided to club work and lunch together. Cafe Max on the terrace it was decided. The cafe is pleasant - with a semi open kitchen, blackboards announcing specials, quite a bit of noise from being almost full to capacity and a bit hot considering the roof and bamboo curtains were the only saving grace from the heat. 

Mint water and pretty little flower setting on the table

With mom celebrating in Delhi, we decided to toast to her success down here
with a Big Banyan Shiraz

Anoushka was recently introduced to Gnocchi at Alba at the JW Marriott and has been hankering after it since then. The staff thoughtfully asked if the meal for the child was to be brought sooner. I nodded in affirmative and in less than 10 minutes Anoushka had a her meal. Its not always you see such small but meaningful courtesies extended in casual dining places. The gnocchi was brilliant I must add. Fluffy little pillows with a chunky tomato-garlic sauce and shavings of parmesan. A green salad with a light dressing accompanied it. She took a while to get through, but she did a brilliant job. That itself says a lot for the dish. 

Sudhakar had the Beef Filet Roulade which was stuffed with bell peppers and bacon and served with two sides of Lyonnaise potatoes and broccoli. Moist beef, quality bacon, good starchy soft potatoes and crunchy broccoli. With the Shiraz accompanying it, he couldn't have asked for more. 

Dad had the Zarragozza Sizzler which was beef strips in pepper sauce (if I remember right), bell peppers and hand cut chips. Good stuff here too. 

I had the Beef filet (yes we love our Beef) with French Mustard dressing, served with mashed potatoes, haricot beans and mushrooms. I asked for the beef to be done medium - it crossed slightly into the well done region. Nevertheless it still made for a great meal and the wine did a brilliant job complimenting it. 

Sudhakar ended the meal with an Espresso Roma - which comes with a delightful chocolate spoon and a butter cookie. For a man who loves his coffee, the blissful (tip of tongue sticking out of side of mouth style) look was enough to say it all

For a rooftop cafe, this place has some brilliant offerings on the menu. The blackboard too seemed to have some interesting, though it was put up after we had placed our orders. The service is quick and pleasant. This meal came to around Rs 3400, but worth it. The ladies restroom is decently clean.

Address: Goethe Institute, Max Mueller Bhavan, 716 CMH Road, Indiranagar, Bangalore 
Phone: 41200469
Cuisine: German
Cards Accepted: Yes
Parking: Street parking, can be difficult

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