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Thursday, June 12, 2014Me! In words

When you have had some good grub and have not put up the experience for a long while, then you are guilty of not spreading the good word. I am definitely guilty as charged especially over the last two months. So without further ado, lets get things back on track, starting with Grubnomic in Koramangala. If you know where Cakewalk, stop right there, enter the gate on the side and walk on upstairs and you have arrived. 

I read about Grubnomic on the online grapevine and we visited the place twice - generous portion sizes ensure that you really can have just one or one and half dishes at a time with a yogurt smoothie to wash it down. So many things looked great on the menu that we had to get back there one more time. Especially so when words like bacon/bacon add-on/pork sausages/beef/meat loaded/spicy-tangy jump put at you from the menu. 

The first time, we went there, Bangalore was still pretty much reeling under the summer sun, despite which we chose to sit on their terrace that was semi-covered. The wall mounted fans did the best they could and the large swing was an attraction for Anoushka and my photos came out really well, but I did make a note to myself - in summer, just sit indoors and right under the fan. 

We started with the Greasy Cheesy Garlic Fries - come on, grease, cheese and garlic, how can you say not to a snacky something like that. It did not disappoint on the cheese and the garlic (lovely toasted garlic bits it was), but it could have done with a bit more on the grease factor (we are the ones who don't bother when we are indulging). 

Saucy Tangy Pork Sausages - This is just because we love to act like we don't have sausages regularly at home. These were hot, spicy and tangy as promised and a wonderful plate to nibble on when you are waiting for your grub to arrive. Make sure that you divide your share on the plate right at the beginning, this one is a fork fight hazard.

I love yogurt smoothie and had a nice cold one called Berry Berry. Chunky bits galore in this tall glass. Sudhakar had an ice tea (I think it was a Litchi flavored one). Can't really go wrong here.

Another time, another ice tea and a black currant yogurt smoothie - this time we were sitting on the inside and the coolness was much appreciated, both from the drinks and from the room. 

I was ecstatic to see Mini Pizzas in chicken and vegetarian. Anoushka's meal was set when we visited for lunch. These are two mini pizzas with a base of tomato sauce, chicken and covered in molten cheese. Perfectly portioned and good tasting... Baby was a happy puppy and so was mama.

This was Anoushka's second request, after she was done with her pizzas - Pancakes - simple and sweet - honey and maple syrup. I was one happy Mama. Nice and fluffy, if I had to nitpick, the sugar dusting could have been delicate, but honestly it does not take away from the pancake treat. 

The Classic Cheeseburger with bacon and fried egg - A wholesome burger this was - quite the mouthful. heavy on the cheese (but of course!), lovely caramelized onions and the strong bite of the raw ones. Sudhakar felt the burger was a bit chewy though. 

Meat Mojo in Beef - this one took me back to my days in Manipal eons ago. We had a burger place there that required you remove your watch and rings if you were going to eat. The burgers were always stuffed to the brim and making a mess was mandatory. I have never been a neat burger eater and make no apologies for it. For the Meat Mojo, I took off my watch, was a little neater than the days of yore and actually plowed through the entire burger without a break (a thing I am rather incapable of when it comes to burgers). If you like hot, spicy to a nice level, moist meat burgers then this is the one for you. 

Meat loaded French Toast with a bacon add-on (but of course) - French Toast is a popular favorite at home - we do variations with bananas, cinnamon powder, vanilla, apples - of course bacon also makes it way to our French toast. So when you get the option of loading your French Toast with sausages and bacon besides the chicken that it comes with, that sneaky little devil look is bound to run across your face a couple of times. Indulgent and good on the tummy. 

Chicken Steak burger with jalapeno relish was my meal on the second visit. Very often chicken burgers tend to get rubbery and chewy and very very dry. This one did none of the sorts. It was juicy and the jalapeno relish gave it that pleasurable punch.

Service at Grubnomic is very personal and friendly. Food hits the table pretty soon after you order. There are a few quirky things in the decor, like a gold-sprayed collection of audio tapes that have been tied together to make a wall piece and the multi-colored thread splayed across one wall on the first floor. The toilet is unisex and kept clean. The place is reasonable too and a meal for 2.5 like we are now (considering Anoushka is now a full eating member of the family but yet to reach our level) is around Rs 800. 

Address: 437, 1st floor and rooftop, 8th Main, 4th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore 
Phone: 41606041
Cuisine: American
Cards Accepted: Yes
Parking: Street parking, not so difficult

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