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Mövenpick Ice-cream

Sunday, August 03, 2014Me! In words

Mövenpick Ice-cream - now there is a very little in the world that beats the quality of this brand. And while Mövenpick Hotel and Spa near New BEL is a great hotel, the two hours it takes to get there from my place is not my cup of tea - even if the motivation is some fabulous ice cream. No worries on that front though since Mövenpick Ice-cream now has a new ice cream cafe right on Lavelle road, in the heart of the city. We were recently invited to sample the fare and as soon as the weather starts to behave, will be back there again. 

The ice-creams come in from the land of the Swiss ensuring that the flavors are as original as it gets, no matter where in the world you are indulging in them. Walk into this ice-cream boutique on Lavelle Road (and thankfully they have valet parking) you will find the classic interiors of red and silver, signature Mövenpick. Long before you settle down and look at the menu, you will be mesmerized by the flavors on display at the counter. From the classics to the seasonal and to the unique flavors, you will be spoilt for choice. Here is what we had. 

Let me begin by saying that the search for the best waffle is now complete - you need look no further. And I mean that seriously. 

(All 3 above) - a look at the interiors

Ice-creams galore

Waffles with Chocolate and Berry Ice creams

Iced Coffee Sundae with Cappucchino and Swiss Chocolate, whipped cream and chocolate sauce, and Viennese Coffee with chocolate

Waffle obsession with Stracciatella and Macademia Ice-creams

Raspberry and Strawberry Sparkling Float

Peach Melba

Black Currant sorbet and Swiss Chocolate

I cannot say it enough number of times, the waffles are brilliant. The ice-creams live up to the Mövenpick Ice-cream name. Berry ice creams and sorbets have that tangy touch. The chocolate ice creams are deliciously sweet, not the cloying sweet of say a Cadbury Silk (I like it though), but the lovely tempered sweet, with tones of bitter, allowing you to OD on the ice cream without getting a chocolate high. The presentations and interpretations are unique - the Peach Melba really caught my fancy.

Serious indulgence here will set you back by around Rs 1000 for 2 (at least 2 desserts per person), but is totally worth it. The unisex loo is clean. The valet parking is a joy.

Address: 4/1-1, Lavelle Heights, Near UB City, Opp, Smokehouse Deli, Lavelle Road, Bangalore 
Phone: 41679720
Cuisine: Ice Cream
Cards Accepted: Yes
Parking: Valet

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