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Harry's - Koramangala

Tuesday, September 09, 2014Me! In words

So another Harry's comes to town and we went to town with the place... with none other Shatbhi Basu, the Queen behind all the fabulous cocktails that beckon from the Harry's menu. Darell, her man at the bar was there too that afternoon and there was no missing out on any of the duo's favorites - food wise or drink wise. 

This time round, Harry's was quite a pleasure to experience - no camera tripods slamming into my toes being the biggest blessing. We actually got to see the entire place - the compact bar area, done up by Shatbhi herself. The comfortable Chesterfield sofas that sink into the walls, the unobtrusive DJ console, the high bar stool style seating and your regular table-and-chair affairs. We chose the high stool and table seating. And despite being vertically challenged, I made it on and off these stools quite a few times without looking silly or needing a footstool. 

While the staff patiently waited for us to place our orders, a bowl of groundnuts found its way to the table. Base set, it was time to get to some ordering. 

Something to keep you occupied when you peruse through the menu at Harry's

We started with the Lemongrass and Ginger Caipirojka for me and the Harry's Old Fashioned for Sudhakar. We both started with drinks we were partial to - vodka and citrus based for me and a Scotch based one for Sudhakar. Of course, Harry's Old Fashioned is a signature cocktail for the establishment and from the looks of happiness it elicited, with good reason. A great way to start the afternoon and what I liked was that the drinks were not watered down. 

To keep the tummies happy as well, we began with what was Darell's favorite - one of those breakfast, lunch and dinner kind of favorites that you never get tired of. Christened Harry's Wok and Toss Chicken Sausages, these little bites pack a solid punch of heat, tang, spice, crunch... all things that come together to make perfect bar food. And of course, if you want to kid yourself into healthy eating, a small salad on the side is there for the taking. 

Lemongrass and Ginger Caipirojka

Harry's Old Fashioned

Harry's Wok and Toss Chicken Sausages

Next up we decided to go with the two new specials on the board, which we were told were soon going to find their way into the regular menu. Do keep an eye out for these as they are quite the delight - "spirit"ually.

Blood on the Roof Top is a potent mix of orange vodka, white rum, gin, tequila, sprite and a blood red roof of red wine. A peach syrup and some sprite complete the mix. Believe you me, this is the drink to have. Its taste develops as you go through the drink and of course the mix of alcohols will have your spirits levitating. 

Sudhakar had the Sex on Pattaya Beach - a drink that aims at bringing the tropics to your table. Light flavors of watermelon, lime, Bacardi Limon, soda and sprite fill up this glass for quite a refreshing drink. Do not miss the bit of watermelon that was in it - pickled in tequila, I say - talk about spicing things up a bit!

To nibble on, we moved on to one of Shatbhi's favorites on the menu - the chicken schnitzel - let me give you a few reasons why this has "favorite" potential written all over it - the chicken is tender - a tough thing to achieve when you are working with breast. The crumb coating is crisp enough to hear it when you bite into it. The butter will pave the way to cholesterol heaven - but am sure you couldn't be bothered with that.... reason enough?

Blood on the Rooftop

Sex on Pattaya Beach

Chicken Schnitzel

It was meant to be a long, leisurely afternoon and we were being plied with good food and drink - nothing to complain about. Next up - probably a favorite of the duo - the Thai Fish Fingers - you may think that this looks like your average Chinese wok tossed fish, visually perhaps - but its the flavors that elevate - for all the fierceness of color - the flavors were mild, gentle and quite soothing for the robust drinks we were having. Good stuff!

Sam, the manager of Harry's in Bangalore had a favorite too and there was no way we were leaving without sampling that as well. And so the Jazz Burger made its large way to the table. A lamb burger with the works - sauteed onions, egg, salsa - everything you need to make a full meal and then some! My watch and rings came off - for those of you who have read my blog, you know I love to eat my burger messy and this one has all the juicy trappings of one.

Thai Fish Fingers

Harry's Jazz Burger

If you have Darell on the table, you will be in the company of temptation himself - Now if someone tells you of a martini glass layered with shots of Bailey's Irish Cream, Kahlua and Blue Curacao over which is built a tower of a glass, over which is poured a flaming shot of sambuca and you have to shoot the drink through a straw - would you say no?? We didn't!!

Flaming Lamborghini

Seconds before Sudhakar shot it!

I wrapped up my afternoon with an interesting beer and tequila infusion. A shot of tequila placed in a beer glass and topped up with beer. As you sip on the beer, the shot glass releases the tequila in - we replicated this at home with Souza Gold - quite the kicker this one! Start with it or finish with it and you will be a happy person!

Just to line the tummies a bit more. These fries are really nice!

So Harry's in Koramangala is a great place to kick back. Fingers crossed that the bar sustains the standards set by Shatbhi and Darell - I can so see the duo tweaking ears if they hear otherwise. An afternoon of serious binging may set up back approximately Rs 2500 for 2. The loos are clean. Valet parking is a super plus point for the location.

Address: 1 SJR Primus, 1st Floor, Opposite Forum Mall Signal, Koramangala, Bangalore 
Phone: 9620813000
Cuisine: Pub 
Cards Accepted: Yes
Parking: Valet

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