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Global Flavors at the Raj Pavilion - ITC Windsor

Wednesday, October 01, 2014Me! In words

There is something about the ITC Windsor that tends to transport you back to pre-Independent India. Not that I was around to know what that was like, but there is something about the place that speaks of the good, old days. Of elegance, charm and all things sophisticed. From the circular lobby, to the grand staircase, to the accordion playing gentleman, Windsor Manor as it is still largely called, strikes a chord with everyone. 

Raj Pavilion is the all day dining restaurant of the hotel and has a great buffet and a la carte menu going. I was lucky to be invited to a special promotion that was on only for a short time of 5 days or so done by Chef Manisha Bhasin, Senior Executive Chef of the ITC Maurya. The idea was to bring Global Flavors  to the dinner buffet at the Raj Pavilion - with a special focus on appetizers and grills, Though this was a buffet, we were seated through the meal and Chef Manisha sent out to us the best of what was on offer. 

I began with a Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon, don't remember the name, but it was not too dry and that is the way I like my wine. Nursed it through the whole meal and it paired really well with all that came to us. We got some freshly baked focaccia and a bread and cheese platter to begin with. Pickled olive, toasted bread circles, a delicious pineapple pepper confiture (marmalade) and a corn and blue cheese pannacotta. The focaccia is something you want to cuddle up with... all warm and soft. In order of my preference - the marmalade, the pickled olive and the cheese pannacotta. The marmalade, I would love a bottle of! And that olive too!

A cold cuts platter of fresh salmon, Serrano ham and chicken. Always a pleaser for someone like me who loves cold meat platters. The salmon! very fresh and nice. 

Tomato Soup - this was a cream laden soup which had the right amount of tartness to actually hit a note with - for one I don't like soups, they fill me up too much and two I don't particularly like tomato soups. But this one, did work. 

ITC Windsor is all about responsible luxury - from organic ingredients to daylight saving, rainwater harvesting and more. It goes a long way in ensuring that you are doing your bit as well, even though you may be indulging.

Chef Manisha will be showcasing a range of grills. You may walk up to the station, take your pick and have it brought to the table. Veal chops, prawn skewers, crumbed aubergines with a range of interesting marinades and sauces

I couldn't resist taking a shot of the passionfruit marinated veal chops before it went on the grill!

Veal chops with passionfruit dressing, prawn skewers with dill and wine sauce, uchepos with guacomole and a fresh salad. The chop was done a beautiful medium and surrended to my butter knife without a fight. Perfectly frenched to allow you to get to every tasty morsel. The uchepos grilled in corn husk is an interesting vegetarian innovation and must be completed peeled out of its cover and had with the guacamole, The prawn was not overcooked as can often happen on a grill. The salad completed the meal that left us all happily satiated and not overly stuffed. 

Desserts were an elaborate affair and off the regular buffet - R to L - Lemon curd tart, Ricotta cheesecake with berry compote and a double chocolate ganache. The ricotta cheesecake has that crumbly texture to it, The lemon curd tart was nice but me being me, I would have like the slight heavy hand on the lemon and not on the sweetness (I know, I know its not supposed to be that way!) The chocolate is chocolate and cannot go wrong, just one look at the glaze on that ganache and you know it. 

I hope this showcase comes back soon, as must Chef Manisha. 

Address: #25, Golf Course Road, Windsor Square, Bangalore - 560052
Phone: 22269898
Cuisine: South Indian
Cards Accepted: Yes
Parking: Valet

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