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When Monkey Learns New Tricks

Saturday, October 25, 2014Me! In words

Its always nice to see an old favorite come up with something new. While I love the red velvet waffles and challah based french toast and the Mangaa and Wild Leaf and the Pandi + Pita and the Tiger beef and... ok so I could go on... let me just quickly add Mobar Bork to the favorites as well... like I was trying to say, when an old favorite comes up with something new, you know you have a solid reason to give your friends, if they roll their eyes the next time you suggest Mobar. 

So we were invited to sample the new offerings at Mobar and happily trudged our way there on a Sunday afternoon. 

When at Mobar, you check out the bar offerings first - new entrants are the Monkey-politan and Kiss-ky Whisky - The Cosmo gets a twist in flavor with the Monkey-politan- Absolut Citron, lemongrass, triple sec, cranberry juice and a garnish of orange peel. A nice drink to start with and work your way up the potency ladder. Kiss-ky Whisky is a blend of Irish whisky, orange, triple sec and ginger. For a person like me who is yet to develop an appreciation for whiskies this drink worked. So am sure whisky lovers will take to it. 

Kung Fu Rolls were the first thing to hit the table - spring rolls stuffed with spiced noodles, tofu, bean sprouts, scallions, peppers and black beans sauce. While all the ingredients held the promise of a lovely, textured bite - there was something that did not pull it together. Perhaps the greasiness of the rolls played spoilsport. 

The description of Reddy's Chicken makes it sound like the perfect finger food to go with a cold beer. It promises to be spicy, pepper laden with some curry leaves to lick the masala from (ok, so that's how I do it with curry leaves and if you don't, then you have no clue what you are missing!). What came though was a total surprise and in the best possible way - Reddy's chicken is beautifully balanced as far as spice, crunchy, hot, moist and taste go. So what you have is a dish that does not go overboard in any department. Personally, with this, I could very happily have been done - multiple bowlfuls later perhaps!

Mushroom Bruschetta - Its always in the bread. But here it is not only in the bread, but its also in the mushroom and in the brie and well... in the beautiful music they do together in your mouth. A grilled garlic baguette forms the base and is topped with a ragout of shittake, straw, oyster, button and porcini mushrooms. Over this sinful mix is placed a generous sliver of molten brie. Try it to know what I mean. 

Round two from the bar was a Monkey Cup and Berry Blast - the berry blast is a glass bottle of Absolut Kurant, strawberry, black currant, berry compote and cranberry juice. If you like your drinks fruity and tart, this is the drink for you. The Monkey Cup is a MoBar Special and is a large cup filled with white rum, cranberry, pineapple, orange, cucumber, cinnamon and Amaretto. Into this is placed an upturned pint - its quite the mix with the Amaretto overpowering a lot of the other ingredients.  You have to get through a significant portion of the cup before you can actually allow the pint to fill up the cup - this can prove a little dicey and you may end up with a upturned volcano in a cup like I did. Play it smart with this one. 

Burgers have some interesting new ones with Saigon - a Monkeyed Banh Mi with pork belly, rashers, pickled veggies and coriander. Quite the mouthful, but its piggy filled and you definitely can't go wrong there. 

The Steak N Cheese it was for me - this open faced sandwich has bits of a flash seared steak tossed with green pepper, grilled onion, caramelized mushroom, cheese and mustard. I shamelessly picked off the meat, dipped into the mustard, brought the sandwich down to a size that I could wrap my mouth around and dug in. This one, besides the bread, was all about the meat and mustard in passionate embrace. 

The Mandarin Blast that my dining partner had while I was still nursing the never-ending Monkey Cup. 

Desserts were on the cards no doubt and we had the Carrot Cake which was topped with this sinful rendition of a carrot cream, a scoop of vanilla ice cream over crumbled brown sugar and cashew nuts. The Carrot Cake is that kinds that brings conversation at the table to a halt till the last spoon has been licked clean. 

The Cheesecake - a deconstructed version in a jar has a layer of cheesecake, toasted almonds and marshmallow. For cheesecake lovers  this is the dessert that you will wake up for in the middle of the night and tiptoe to the fridge for if you happened to have it at home. 

So there you have it, these are just some of new tricks MoBar has been up to. While everything else from service to price points remain the same with MoBar, you now have some more reasons to head there!

Address: 14/1 Krishna Manere, Wood Street, Ashoknagar, Bangalore 
Phone: 41116878
Cuisine: Breakfast, Pub
Cards Accepted: Yes
Parking: Quite tough, two wheelers stand a better chance

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