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Fisherman's Wharf

Tuesday, December 23, 2014Me! In words

For many of us it has been a thought at some point - work hard, earn enough, open a restaurant in Goa and nurse a beer on the sea shore when we retire! There is that something about Goa that seems to always hit the right chords. Well, we had/have (jury is still out on it) the same dream for a while now, and while we are no where near achieving it, let me now connect to why this ramble began - we were recently invited to sample the fare at Fisherman's Wharf - a restaurant that has been on Sarjapur Road a while now and which brings a small slice of Goa to Bangalore - we can't cart the beaches and shacks here, so we bring the food, which Goa is equally well known for. 

Painful traffic behind us, the place instantly scored for me thanks to the play area with well maintained slides and clean sand that is within a secured area. The space is massive and offers a variety of seating options - right from the feeling of sitting at an old timer Patrao's verandah, to bar stool type seating around the Margarita bar to cozy canopied settings for a couple to sections that may be cordoned off for parties - Fisherman's Wharf seems to have thought of it all. 

We chose to sit near the play area so the little madam could go have some fun. Straight up from the Margarita Bar came the Chilli Margarita for who else but me and a classic Margarita for my dining partner. The drinks were great, no watering down which is a good thing and my chilli kept kicking it in right till the last drop. 

Chilli Margarita and the Classic

We started with the Batter fried prawns which were hot and crisp on the outside, not too thickly layered onto the prawn, which is a good thing. The prawns themselves were quite high on the freshness front, which in turn means a good supply chain. All said, a good beginning.

Stuffed and baked crab. Pretty as a picture was this dish, mild and cheesy the taste. Blame it on my penchant for all things spicy, I would have preferred that recheado sauce on the side to have been mixed into the crab, but then that is me... for those who like their seafood mild and flavorful, this one nailed it. 

Strawberry and Mango Margharita was my second order - Don't take the first sip without taking a stirrer to the glass. Get all that strawberry pulp to mix into the mango and then you have something really interesting. And the alcohol levels - like all things Goan - generous.

What stood out for me among the main courses were the pork sorportel and pao. It got even better with the option of pui - another Goan bread, which BTW is all done at the bakery in the restaurant. Of course I could be stuffing my pui with marmalade, but considering how savoury is more my thing, the sorpotel really did stand out. 
The prawn curry rice is the typical Goan rendition of the recipe. My Mangalorean roots were quite pleased with its taste and the creaminess of the coconut milk in the gravy. With steaming hot rice, the combination was unbeatable. 

Goan Chorizo Chilli Fry - for me Goan chorizo can soothe away the wearies of this world any day. I almost always manage to have a stock of these at home. But when you hear that these are specially made for the restaurant somewhere in the heart of Goa, you know they are going to be special. And they really were - fat to meat ratio was great, the tartness from the special vinegar was not overpowering, the spice levels perfect with the onions and bell peppers... now for me to get the address of that chorizo maker!!!
Like I mentioned earlier, Fisherman's Wharf has a number of seating options - this private space for two may be had along with a customized meal and wine list. 

And from here, you may select your lobster, crab and other fresh seafood - from the tank to your plate!

The Margarita Bar will keep that glass full and you happy!

This kind of furniture really takes me back to Grandma's place - A red oxide floor and the scene would be complete!

The meal ended on what else but Bebinca. Dad's literary work often took him to Goa, sometimes as much as once a month. He satiated my love for Bebinca by bringing kilos of it from a multitude of place across Goa - from the large bakeries to the smaller home units to getting it specially made and more. So much of Bebinca I have had that I literally had to take a break from it for a couple of years to be able to appreciate it again.... anyway, this rambling apart - this was a good Bebinca, beautifully layered, warm and satisfying.

Fisherman's Wharf is a great place for the family - valet parking, play area, a selection of seating places, great food and good liquor. Long, lazy weekend lunches are definitely on the cards here. A meal for two is approximately Rs 2500. The loos are really clean.

Address: #26, Opp. Shubh Enclave, Ambalipura Village, Haralur Road, Off Sarjapur Road, Bangalore
Phone: 49653180
Cuisine: Goan/Indian
Wallet factor: Rs 2500
Parking: Valet

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