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Hard Rock Cafe

Tuesday, January 20, 2015Me! In words

Its taken me a lifetime to get to Hard Rock Cafe for a range of reasons - too busy working, had a child, had a toddler, too busy working, too far from home... you get the drift... and though I finally began visiting the place sometime last year, I seem to have taken that long to get this post going. No clue why though. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of my visits to Hard Rock - the valet parking, the brick walls, the family friendly section, great drinks and even better food. 

Of course when we come to Hard Rock, beer is first on the agenda and we have never stepped out without a few of these cold babies. 

Anoushka loves her Fish and chips. These beauties were crumb fried - Deliciously crisp on the outside and steaming hot, yet moist on the inside. Just the way fish needs to be served. Am pretty sure it was not basa, but then I did not ask which fish it was. The lemon and the mayo were of no interest to Anoushka, but they made us very happy, since we kept sneaking bites from her plate. 

Hickory Chicken wings Buffalo style it was for us with the Heavy Metal sauce. It basically meant the spice levels were higher than usual, but the blue cheese dressing in the bowl more than enhanced the medley of taste in the mouth. Each -wing was moist, with a marinade that ensured you lick fingers, quite consciously I must add. 

Hickory Bacon Cheeseburger - HRC has their own Hickory BBQ sauce that is liberally slathered onto the patty here. Add in cheese and bacon and you are in burger heaven. The fries and pickles on the side help tremendously as well. HRC staff always ask you how you like your meat and this was a medium done patty... 

Legendary 10oz burger customized to 8oz with the works - I loved the way the 10z legendary burger sounded - bacon, cheese, onion rings and the usual suspects of tomato, lettuce and pickles. But I knew there was no way I was going to be able to finish one. So what I got instead was a specially customized regular 8oz patty with the works. Happy puppy was I and it felt good that the staff actually try to work with you to ensure that you get to eat what you really want to. 

On another visit, Anoushka was handed a HRC colouring sheet with crayons attached. You know, no matter how old you get, coloring always manages to catch your fancy. I sneaked in a bit of coloring too with this. It kept her good and occupied for a while. 

I am pretty sure that this is the Loco-berry Rita - tequila, triple sec, raspberry syrup, cranberry juice, freshly squeezed margarita mix - but I may be mistaking it with some other drink from the same family on the menu. Drinks are potent here and not watered down as it tends to get in most places. Happiness begins with a drink that showcases its alcohol well. 

We were two families at the table that day and it made sense to order the Jumbo Combo - non-veg - Chicken spring rolls, onion rings, chicken wings, stuffed potato skins with bacon bits, tupelo chicken tenders. Friendly fights broke out over the chicken wings and the spring rolls. The onion rings were a hot favorite with the kids. And while everyone seemed to concentrate on the side of the platter that was facing them, I picked up the bacon bits stuffed potato skins and silently munched away. The salad was crunchy and with a good punchy dressing. 

The guys went in for the same burgers as we had before - creatures of habit, I say. I asked for the Grilled fillet steak with mashed potatoes, veggies and mushroom sauce. I asked for the meat to be medium done and the medallions looked fine on the outside. Its only when I cut it into that I found it closer to rare. On pointing it out, a replacement was immediately offered, but I declined since it did taste good. The mashed potatoes with the bits of garlic are sinful.

We all decided to share an Apple cobbler for dessert. The apple and cinnamon mix had a heady aroma, much like you would see in those Tom & Jerry cartoons. But thankfully instead of going splat on Tom's face, it rested peacefully in our tummies. The caramel drizzle over the ice cream is a nice touch. 

HRC is like a well oiled machine - You have a man to your table and he introduces himself as soon as you are seated. Each time we have been there, the service has been spot on. The willingness to customize is a huge plus point. Each time the bill was approximately Rs 2000 which is good deal for a drink or two a head, starter and main courses each. The loo is clean. 

Address: #40 St Marks Road, Bangalore
Phone: 41242222
Cuisine: Pub, American
Wallet factor: Rs 2000
Parking: Valet

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