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Via Milano

Tuesday, February 24, 2015Me! In words

A while ago I had this ever-growing, never-ending list of restaurants that I wanted to visit. Each time a new space opened up it got added to the list and so many places got relegated to the bottom. Via Milano happened to be one of those places that sunk right down to the end. Judging from some of the recent restaurant choices we have been making, we seem to be going visiting some of the older establishments on the list. 

I visited Via Milano twice - once with girlfriends and another time with the family. The first visit is a complete blur for me. I do remember a goat cheese based salad and a Four Seasons wine (that was the only wine available on that particular day). But what I do remember clearly was that we all thoroughly enjoyed the meal and the service. 

The second time round was with family. It had a been while since the three of us went out for a decent meal together. Being a weekday, reservations were in order and with that done, we arrived and settled at our table by 8.00PM. The restaurant was close to packed by then, but that did not dampen service in any way.

We chose to sit on the sofas next to the glass walls, which proved entertaining enough for Anoushka, when she was not yammering away. 

This time too, the wine selection was pretty dismal in the Indian section and so we settled for a glass each of the Australian Yellow Tail Chardonnay, which was the best of the limited pick there was. The bread basket with the test tube stand for oils and Balsamic and the three-dip dish kept us company while we were narrowing down on our choices from the menu. The bread was definitely fresh, but could have done with being a bit more warm.

We started with the Insalata con Petto di Pollo affumicato, funghi croccanti, condimento al balsamico - The smoked chicken breast salad with assorted lettuce, crispy mushrooms, with cherry tomatoes and a balsamic dressing. The thin sheets of parmesan added to the burst of flavor. While the salad came together beautifully, the batter fried croutons were a bit of a dampener. They must have sat on the counter a bit too long before being tossed in the salad. 

Anoushka wanted the Margharita pizza and that is what she got. Everything was generous on this thin crust pizza - from the cheese to the tomato and well! to the crunchiness as well. Am I glad we decided to share this with her instead of order from the antipasti section again. 

Sudhakar asked for the Spaghetti Aglio - it had some lovely burnt garlic and cherry tomatoes tossed in making it a perfectly delicious homely styled dish.

I had the Spaghetti Amatriciana with bacon, garlic and chilli - all of my favorite ingredients in exactly the thick, saucy way I like it. The finishing touch of basil made it complete. 

Blueberry cheesecake to round of the meal was a nice one but me being partial to thicker, buttery bases would have liked more it. Just a personal technicality that you can conveniently ignore when ordering this. 

The meal was a lovely one and there is still so much more I would like to try on the menu. We stuck pretty much to the classics with this meal, but I would like to explore more. Perhaps, this third visit will not be pushed down to the bottom of the eating out priority list. 

Address: 613, Basil Moneta, 80ft Peripheral Road, 4th Block, Koramangala Bangalore
Phone: 49653502
Cuisine: Italian, brunch
Wallet factor: Rs 3000
Parking: Valet

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