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Breakfast at BYLI - Bet You Love It

Wednesday, April 01, 2015Me! In words

I love breakfast. Its the one meal that is a pain to deal with each morning, but nevertheless I love breakfast. A while ago I started chronicling all the breakfast places we happen to visit. Of course, the south Indian breakfast is always a favourite, but I do love trying all others. You can read about some of our breakfast experiences here

Recently we were invited to BYLI - Bet You Love It in Kamanahalli to try out their breakfast menu. We took up the offer simply because it was an all-day breakfast and the distance on a weekend, served as an outing of sorts. 

BYLI does not have parking of its own and we were lucky to find some right opposite the restaurant which is opposite Aioli if you are familiar with the area. They have an AC section that was packed on the day of our visit. We sat on the outside which is quite comfortable and has a lovely indoor water fountain that sets a very soothing tone. 

BYLI's breakfast menu is available from 9.30AM to 2.30PM. So all you late risers can still have your first meal of the day, even at unconventional hours. 

Toblerone MilkShake - The description did say that Toblerone was blended with chocolate ice-cream. I did not feel that too much though. What I did taste was a great chocolate milkshake, with nougat drizzle on the side, topped off with some lovely thick whipped cream. I would have liked a little of the nutty bite of Toblerone. But this did make for a great milkshake.

Hot Chocolate - I wanted to get some milk down Anoushka and so asked for some hot chocolate. The art in the cup are some of the small pleasures in life for someone Anoushka's age. The hot chocolate was nice. 

Sudhakar asked for a Latte which he declared was good. 

And now, getting down to the breakfast. Sudhakar had The M&S Scramble - 3 eggs beaten with 4 cheeses - Monterey Jack, Cheddar, Cream Cheese and Swiss Cheese with ranch potatoes and an addition of chicken ham or sausages. The eggs were topped over with some scallions and it gave the cheesy eggs some great crunch. The ranch potatoes are on the spicier side and will perk up your taste buds after the cheese and eggs. The toast was crisp, just the way I like it. 

Of the breakfast platters, the Big BYLI Breakfast is by far the largest. You get a cheesy omelette, chicken sausages, hash browns, mushrooms, and roasted tomatoes. All of this makes for a hearty breakfast. The roasted tomatoes could have done with a little more time on the grill. I would have also preferred them sliced and not squashed to a mush. What I really missed on the platter was bacon, but then the restaurant does not serve pork but still manages to put up a great breakfast. 

Toast with Me - French Toast with Chicken Ham slices and Cheese - This was a nice mix of sweet and savoury with neither flavours overpowering each other. A filling breakfast option for when you are on the go or for a child at the table. 

Its OK to Waffle with BYLI - the Waffles are nice and come with the works - Maple Syrup, thick chocolate sauce, whipped cream and a generous cover of icing sugar! 

The breakfast menu at BYLI is quite extensive, with several options. It gives you enough of choice to try something new on several return visits. The service is pleasant and efficient. A meal for two will be within the Rs 600 bracket if you really indulge yourself. They do have an all-day cafe menu as well. 

Address: G 1-2, Ist Avenue, 5th Main, 2nd Block, HRBR Layout, Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore
Phone: 49653104
Cuisine: Breakfast, Continental/American
Wallet factor: Rs 600 for 2
Parking: Street

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