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Krazzy Folds

Wednesday, May 20, 2015Me! In words

Its perhaps one of the most happening places in Jayanagar right now. A place that offers some great food, at down-to-earth-prices with efficient service. Little wonder then that most times we have been here, the place is packed. Krazzy Folds - inspired as their site says "by the different folds and forms of food" has a very interesting menu which includes tacos, Okonomiyakis and pastas. Its in the neighborhood, saves us the hassle of Bangalore traffic and therefore we don't need a better reason for heading here repeatedly. 

Krazzy Folds has now become a go-to place - whether its no-cooking day at home, let's catch up with friends, daddy/mummy-baby day out or just about anything. There is a lot of interesting stuff we have eaten here up until now. Take a look

Nice kitschy decor with murals, and some crazy mirrors too, the kind you see at those family expos and exhibitions

The knick-knack wall that keeps Anoushka busy most times trying to find and identify different things. 

Shrimp on Potato Crisps - Grilled Shrimp, Guacamole, Jalapeno and Spicy Mayo. What I so love about this place is the attention to plating. While the dishes are deliciously created, it is the plating the takes it to the next level. This was a nicely put together starter of all the things mentioned in the description. No scrimping on ingredients and a mouthful of crispy, spicy, tangy and moist that make it a winner. 

Mushroom and Corn Bake - Mushroom, corn, creamy garlic sauce on garlic bread and cheese bake. Though this is in the starter list, Anoushka has made a meal of it quite often. Crispy baguette with gooey cheese, corn and mushroom sauce with little micro-greens to top it off. Very filling for a child and definitely a good choice if you are looking for a nice way to start a long meal. 

Kokum Juice - Coming from Mangalore, I love Kokum juice, but many places here in Bangalore tend to get the proportions all wrong and you end up with the tartness coating your teeth and sending your mouth into a tizzy. Krazzy Folds has got it deliciously right every single time. 

Mexican Spiced Chicken tacos - Hard shell (Above) and soft shell (below). Tacos at Krazzy Folds is served in twos - you may choose to go with hard shell ones or soft shell, both of which come beautifully set up for you each time. On one of our earlier visits Sudhakar was eager to try out both versions but couldn't possibly have finished 4 tacos and so asked if he could be served one each of the hard and soft shell. Our request was taken and we were actually served it this way. Its always nice when such requests are entertained. 

Mexican Spiced Chicken tacos 

I have often have these cravings for a "hot, gooey, something to eat". Almost always I am never able to decide what it is that I am looking for. This particular afternoon was no different. Sudhakar chose the Spinach, Caramelized Onions, Mushrooms, Cherry Tomatoes, Cajun Spiced Rose Sauce with Pineapple salsa pasta for me. Yes, it has a pretty long list in terms of ingredients, but the unorthodox mix of red and white sauces and this really nice pineapple salsa that adorned the top of spaghetti pile made for a interesting twang in every mouthful. 

On another visit with girlfriends, we started out with the Pan-seared dumplings stuffed with potato, jalapenos and cheese. The little sour cream drops and the crunch of sprouts made these little non-greasy potato parcels yummy!

Chicken Wings - Be warned - this starter dish should be placed in the main course category - they are delicious - spicy and crunchy and you seriously can't stop at just one and they can really fill you. The chicken is juicy - has a nice crunch to it when you bite into the and the sauce and garnishes make you wish you had a cold one nestled in you palm. 

There is a small Japanese touch to the menu and we tried the Okonomiyaki, a Japanese pancake with potato, jalapenos and cheese blend. Its a thick pancake, with a heavy potato base and a interesting mix of cheese, peppers and jalapenos on top. Its a nice game trying to get a bit of everything on your fork. I did the smart thing and went with a spoon. 

Grilled Chicken Sausage in creamy mustard sauce  Its all in the sauce with this one. For the hot, gooey food loving person I am, this one dish nails it every single time. The touch of mustard is strong, without being overpowering. The little bits of crunch you get from a range of little things that go into the sauce make this the lift-plate-and-lick-clean types. 

A friend had this sandwich which was a Pesto Vegetable one with avocado, onion and tomato, basil pesto and mayo cheese all piled up on Ciabatta bread. Freshness is what you will see in every bite and the pesto was one to remember.

Desserts here are limited in terms of options but are all nice. We had the berry cheesecake once and that was great. I am always one for a thicker base - the butter and crumbs mix always being a favourite. 

We also had the Churros once which I personally did not like to much - I found them a bit greasy and the cinnamon slightly more than it should have been. But it may have been an off day. 

Krazzy Folds is a place that Jayanagar really needed. Its food is lovely, the prices are very reasonable and a very pleasant and efficient service is what you can always look forward to. Meals for two here approximately Rs 1000 to Rs 1200. The restroom is clean. 

Address: #12, 10th B Main road, 31st Cross Road, Near Kalamandir, Jayanagar 4th Block, Bangalore
Parking: Street parking
Phone: 26533777/78
Cuisine: European, Continental, a touch of Japanese
Cards Accepted: Yes 
Google Maps link to Location: Krazzy Folds

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