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Something new at Mezzaluna

Tuesday, March 15, 2016Me! In words

For us living in Jayanagar, you need a really good reason to go all the way to Mövenpick; and some impeccable timing to beat traffic, both of which don't usually come together. But when you hear that Chef Armando has some new things cooking in his kitchen, you make the effort to pick a day and make the time for an interesting lunch. The stars, oh wait, the Sun seemed to be shining just right on us that day and we did not spend too much of time getting to Mövenpick, which was a great start for us.

Once settled at the restaurant on the first floor, we naturally left things in Chef Armando's hands and sat back to enjoy a  leisurely meal. We were to have the pleasure of Chef dining at the table with us, and after a volley of orders being placed in the kitchen, he settled down with us, after ensuring we had a glass of wine - after all "what is an Italian meal without some good wine" he says!. We began the meal with the Australian brand Hardy's Chardonnay and moved to a favorite French brand St Cosme Little James Basket Merlot (if I remember right). The medium dry note perfect with the Saltimbocca that was part of main course.

Mezzaluna's menu is simple, rustic and a complete showcase of
Chef Armando's Italian heritage

While we waited for the first of our courses to arrive - all hands simultaneously went towards the platter of bread that arrived at the table. A little olive oil, some cherry tomatoes, and some pickled pumpkin with some dry Italian spices on a wooden spoon made up the platter, with the highlight being the pickled pumpkin. A bite into each of the long shavings gives you a firm crunch of sweet, quickly followed by the pungent notes of pickling spices.

What Chef Armando did throughout the meal was create tasting portions of multiple dishes to give us a taste of his menu, without overwhelming us with too many dishes. A smartly planned out meal that began with the Three Insalata Caprina with Tomato Bruschetta and Ricotta - The salad with its mix of lettuce, sun dried tomatoes and a light dressing of olive oil, lemon juice and garlic, along with ricotta; and a classic bruschetta, set the hunger pangs at ease for a short while. The salad was light and each of the ingredients brought freshness to the fore.
We moved on to the next course that saw a Spinach Ricotta Linguine and Corn Linguine Pasta along with an oven roasted tomato. The star here was the Spinach Ricotta, which when sliced through the middle reveals delicate layering of spinach and ricotta. These are then smothered in a creamy sauce. A clear winner this one.
The Corn Linguine Pasta is not a version you come across usually - what with hand-made pastas now ruling the roost thanks to a level of food snobbery from all your TV shows. But it takes skill to bring the right flavors to the front with a heavy pasta like this, and Chef Armando does it beautifully. The dish is finished off with some sun dried tomatoes, grated cheese and olives and will have you scraping every bit of.
A Cheese Pizza with Broccoli - want to feed your little ones with the goodness of Broccoli and Cheese and just can't get them to? Chef Armando's Ricotta-based pizza with Broccoli and mozzarella cheese will do the trick for you. Come to think of it, you may have to wrestle with the grown-ups at the table to ensure everyone gets an equal share. Thin crust, oven baked pizza which will have you repeat orders. Despite the ingredients, the pizza is one that is light on the palate, filling yet giving you space to try more off the menu. 

And moving on to the main course - the vegetarian at the table was served the Involtini Zucchini with a stuffing of ricotta, sun dried tomatoes and bell peppers and Pizzette Di Melanzame Grigliate in a vegetarian option. Let's break that down - the Involtini Zucchini is a tightly rolled grilled zucchini stuffed with a creamy filling of ricotta cheese, sun dried tomatoes and bell peppers for added punch. Plated alongside is the mini pizza of sorted made from grilled aubergine with molten cheese and tomato at the center. If this hasn't got your mouth watering by now, you really don't know what you could be missing.

Us meat eaters were served the Involtini with Saltimbocca - a flat medium sized medallion of veal, wrapped in prosciutto and with cooking jus all over it. The combination here, a fork tender meat, the smokiness of the prosciutto and the slight bitterness of the zucchini with its creamy filling made for the perfect main course. 

And when in an Italian restaurant, what can you end with, but the Chef's Signature Tiramisu. Unanimously declared good by the coffee drinkers and Tiramisu lovers at the table, who did lick the bowl clean in between heavy discussions on music.

Chef Armando has a way with his food that leaves you completely satisfied, yet not uncomfortably full. Setting a lovely pace to the meal, I would suggest leaving yourselves to his designs when you visit. And if you succeed at getting Chef Armando and the Moevenpick to move closer to the city, please do remember to give me a call and let me know.

Address: Moevenpick Hotel & Spa,, 115, Gokula Extension, HMT Road, New BEL Road
Cuisine: Italian
Price for 2: Rs 3000
Cards Accepted: Yes
Parking: Valet

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